Morons on our team

In the midst of a severe recession and a financial crisis, Tax Cheat Treasury Secretary Geithner doesn’t have any senior deputies in place because President Obama hasn’t sent any nominations to the Senate.

President Obama’s press secretary, Robert Gibbs, asked by a reporter for comment, said he "wouldn’t quite agree with everything that our friend Mr. Volcker said," adding: "I don’t think that the secretary is alone at the Treasury Department. I think there are many able people assisting him."

Maybe so, but Secretary Timothy F. Geithner still does not have a deputy or Senate-confirmed undersecretaries or assistant secretaries to help him. And it’s not because the Senate has been going at its traditional, snail-like pace confirming people. (That will be, as sure as night follows day, a problem down the road.) The fact is, the White House has sent no nominations to the Senate for any of those positions.

And the problem, as Volcker also noted, is a severe case of Daschle-itis — with a strong dose of Geithner-itis — that has sparked an intense spate of re-vetting of potential nominees. We’ve heard the process compared to some rather unpleasant medical procedures. According to one estimate, as many as a third of potential nominees were found to have had some tax questions to answer.

Good God. Moe, Larry, and Curly Joe could have done a better job.



(hat tip: Jim Geraghty).


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