9/11 was our fault

Don’t take my word for it. Just ask Chas Freeman, President Obama’s choice to head the National Intelligence Council:

Americans need to be clear about the consequences of continuing our current counterproductive approaches to security in the Middle East. We have paid heavily and often in treasure for our unflinching support and unstinting subsidies of Israel’s approach to managing its relations with the Arabs. Five years ago, we began to pay with the blood of our citizens here at home. We are now paying with the lives of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines on battlefields in several regions of the realm of Islam, with more said by our government’s neoeonsenative (I think he meant "neoconservative" –Phineas) mentors to be in prospect.

In other words, the massacre of nearly 3,000 people that day was due to our support for Israel, not aggressive Islam and the jihadist ideology that inspired al Qaeda. According to Freeman, we had it coming. And this man is to be one of the chief intelligence advisers to the President?

LINKS: More from Martin Kramer; Ed Morrissey; Little Green Footballs; I’ve written before about Freeman’s odious opinions.


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One Response to 9/11 was our fault

  1. John H. (Shikoku) says:

    I think the line concerning “the realm of Islam” should also be highlighted because it shows how willing Mr. Freeman is to becoming Saudi Arabia’s lapdog. Not only does imply that Islam is soverign in the Middle East, he also disregards the Christians, Zoroastrians, and the practictioners of other religions in the area, thus showing his ignorance as well.
    Out of all of Dear Prez’s appointments, this one gets under my skin the worst.

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