Wasilla as Colombey?

From somewhere near London, The Aged P has watched Sarah Palin these last few months and thinks he’s noticed a striking, albeit surprising, similarity: Governor Palin – Going De Gaulle?

Since the Alfalfa Dinner Gov Palin appears to have chosen Alaska as her own Colombey-les- Deux-Eglises, far enough away from the mainstream of US politics, concerning herself with her responsibilities as Governor and keeping a distance between herself and the spotlight, just as de Gaulle did in the 1950s. She has stayed away from CPAC, she did not attend the NGA, causing some irritation amongst some elements who would prefer her to act as some Joan of Arc type figure scorching across the lower 48 thrusting and slashing at the President and Congress. Staying out of the spotlight is not an option for some of these folk who often see politics as showbiz where your PR people will tell you that you have to be forever working on your next film or album to remain in the public eye.But the Governor does not need any of that – like de Gaulle she is so deeply impressed upon the public’s imagination that she needs no PR, she is simply there.

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People who harp on her poor performance in the Gibson and Couric interviews conveniently forget how she electrified the audience -in person and out in television land- with her speech at the Republican National Convention. They also ignore the huge crowds she drew during her campaign stops, crowds often bigger than McCain’s. That they lost is through no fault of hers; in fact, I maintain she was the reason the ticket came as close as it did.

Some now cluck their tongues at the Governor’s "retirement" to Alaska, claiming she needs to get out there now barnstorming for other candidates and attacking Obama, as if the 2012 campaign has already begun. (She does, however, have her own PAC) I disagree; they pass over her responsibilities as governor as if they’re a trifle, and yet it’s on the foundation of a successful record in Alaska and its contrast to President Obama’s likely lack of success that a possible campaign for the White House will rest, at least in large part.

She may not be hitting CPAC or giving the rebuttal to a presidential speech, but Sarah Palin is by no means forgotten, not with the impression she made of so many of us who are tired of the cynical, sanctimonious elites of Washington, Right and Left. When the nation is ready, the call will go out for her return from Wasilla.

(And thank God she doesn’t have de Gaulle’s nose….)

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