Acting out

March 11, 2009

Dear Leader must still be feeling needy. Or something.



Obama’s health plans are based on false information

March 11, 2009

At Maggie’s Farm, Bruce Kesler presents a detailed examination of the top ten reasons given why we need nationalized healthcare NOW. Those reasons are…

  1. Comparing US Health Care To Other Developed Countries
  2. US Health Care Spending Is More Than We Can Afford
  3. Reform Overhaul Will Yield Major Savings
  4. Increased Evidence-Based Medicine And Health Information Technology Will Significantly Improve Care and Reduce Costs
  5. Present Administrative Costs And Insurer Profits Are Too High
  6. US Consumer Dissatisfaction Requires Drastic Health Care Changes
  7. Health Care Costs Are So High They Are A Major Cause Of Personal Bankruptcy
  8. The Number Of Uninsured Is So Large That Drastic Health Care Changes Are Necessary
  9. More Preventive Care Will Better Serve Consumers And Save Costs
  10. Health Care Consumers Are Being Served By Drastic Health Care Changes

Kesler then demolishes each one in detail. For example, take number five:

5. Present Administrative Costs And Insurer Profits Are Too High: The above Price Waterhouse analysis finds 86% of premiums being paid out for claims and an additional 5% for consumer services like prevention, wellness, care coordination, education, and information systems. Government compliance and reporting requirements cost another 6%. That leaves 3% for profits and reserves needed to generate added investments. Indeed, in 2008, Fortune Magazine’s compilation of industry profitability had health care insurance and managed care well behind some commonly assumed to have low profits such as railroads (12.4%). Discretionary entertainment (12.4%) is more profitable than necessary health insurance.

It’s long, but do read the whole thing. The effective nationalization of healthcare, which is one-sixth of the US economy, is one of the most transformative proposals made by the Obama administration and its progressive allies in Congress. It represents a radical reworking of medical care in the US, and not for the better. If we’re to convince people of this and prevent it from happening, we need to counter the progressives’ errors with facts.

Kesler’s post is a great start.

(via Sister Toldjah)


Wednesday humor

March 11, 2009

NewsBusted, with Jodi Miller.

President Palin's press secretary, I'm tellin' ya.