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Obama appointee takes leave after raid.

Yesterday, the FBI raided the offices of Vivek Kundra, Barack Obama’s appointee as Chief Information Officer for his administration, in a bribery sting that netted two arrests, including one of Kundra’s top aides.  Kundra has apparently decided to spend some time with his family, as the White House announced that he would take a leave of absence from the job he just started.

President Obama has, at various times, compared his administration to those of Lincoln, FDR, and JFK. His acolytes have been even more worshipful:


But this latest news, when combined with slipshod vetting and the litany of tax cheats and Cabinet nominees withdrawing under investigation, puts me in mind of other analogies:

president_grant warrenharding bozotheclown
President Grant? President Harding? Or Bozo?

You make the call.  Thinking

(Well, there was supposed to be a poll here, but so far nothing works right. Crying )

2 Responses to Culture of Corruption watch

  1. Bill says:

    Don’t be too hard on Harding. Sure, some of his appointiees turned out to be crooks- but Harding was the Prez who fixed the First Great Depression in 18 months: through tax cuts and slashing government. The history textbooks, of course, ignore it, because it makes FDR’s New Deal fiasco look bad.

  2. Well, I’d credit that more to Treasury Secretary Mellon than Harding, but point well-taken. If PBO gets blamed for Geithner, Harding gets credit for Mellon.

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