Wednesday Link Fiesta

Busy day today, so I’m going to leave you with some links of interest. You lucky people. Party

From the Department of Stupid Euphemisms, we have a new name for the War on Terror: it’s now the Overseas Contingency Operation! Yay! That’s "OCO," which rhymes with "loco." Personally, I thought "War on Terror" was dumb, since terror is a method and one doesn’t make war on a method, and it’s hard to fight a war when one refuses to clearly define the enemy. For the record, I prefer "The Jihadi War," since that tells us exactly whom we’re fighting, or Roggio’s "The Long War," since it at least recognizes this is likely a multi-generational conflict. More from Sister Toldjah.

According to one of devalued Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s top environmental advisers, to save the Earth the UK population must fall to 30 million. No problem, you only have to get rid of half of Britain. But why stop there? Why not go all the way and sign up with the Human Extinction Movement? You’ll be doing Mother Gaea a favor. Silly

From the Heritage Foundation, a telling graph of the Bush vs. Obama deficits. Now, will the president stop trying to blame the mess he’s creating on the last guy? Well? Waiting

Hearing Pat Toomey’s footsteps closing behind him, occasionally-Republican Senator Arlen Specter has come out against stripping workers of the right to a secret ballot. For now.

In the New York Times, a now-former AIG executive quits tells the company and the government to go to Hell. Well, what did they expect, creating phony outrage over the AIG bonuses and directing it at the people who didn’t create the problem (Congress and the administration did), but are needed to fix it or at least control the damage? Great job, Mr. President! Applause

Continuing our march toward socialism, a Maryland senator has proposed a federal takeover of newspapers, bailing out a dying industry in return for control over their editorial voice. Washington, Adams, and Jefferson are all spinning like tops in their graves.

And, for our WTF Moment of the Day, we present former President Jimmy Carter, who thinks it was un-Christian to fight the Civil War. Words fail me.

Finally, Noemie Emery asks "Aren’t we glad we didn’t elect Sarah Palin?" Yes, it is very much tongue in cheek, and very much worth reading.

BONUS LINKS: I haven’t bashed the junk science of Global Warming in a while, so here are a few for your education and entertainment:

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