Can we have Mr. Bush back, please??

April 1, 2009

PBO included audio of his speeches on the iPod he gave the Queen. Surprise

I. Am. Not. Kidding.  I knew he was callow and narcissistic, but I didn’t realize he and Michelle were crass arrivistes, too.

Did they fire everyone in the protocol office? This is so embarrassing. Crying


Video: The Obama Auto-Repair Center!

April 1, 2009

Can’t you feel the Hope and Change?

I can. Chicken


April Fool of the United States?

April 1, 2009

Obama gave the Queen an iPod??

Please tell me this was a joke. Please? Praying Worried


Case closed

April 1, 2009


When even a hard-Right online magazine such as Front Page says Obama was born in Hawaii, it’s time for the birth-certificate Truthers to put down their tinfoil hats and take their meds. After detailing why the birth-certificate conspiracy theory is ludicrous, author Andrew Walden offers some much needed advice to the opposition:

Obama benefits from creating an opposition which seems to be standing by the side of the road impotently pointing to a piece of paper as if it could stop 63 million voters from anointing their ‘chosen one’. Birth certificate lawsuit plaintiff Phil Berg is a Democrat and whether he understands it or not, he has done great work on behalf of his party.

It is time for folks to stop being played by the Obama campaign and drop this counter productive ‘phony birth certificate’ nonsense. Obama opponents can find plenty of real material by focusing on the hard-left alliances, stated positions, personnel appointments and policy actions of the Obama administration and of the Democrat-controlled Congress.

Well said. Applause

(hat tip: ST)