Video: Still relevant

April 17, 2009

Ronald Reagan addressed the 1964 Republican National Convention to endorse Barry Goldwater. Forty-five years later, his speech is startlingly relevant: change only a few words here and there, and you could say the same things about our situation today:

It’s about a half-hour long, but well-worth your time to witness a bit of history – and maybe learn a lesson or two.

But you’ll have to hit the play button yourself; Tito’s still cheering. Dancing

(hat tip: Conservatives4Palin)


Junk Science Watch

April 17, 2009


Via Don Surber, the Environmental Protection Agency has classed carbon dioxide as a pollutant, thus opening the door to federal regulation of so-called greenhouse gases and crippling the economy to prevent a disaster that isn’t happening.

Argh. At wits end


New threat-level warning chart

April 17, 2009

screw ball

Pursuant to the report warning us of the dangers of rightwing extremism, the Department of Homeland Security has updated its seal and the threat-level color codes. I feel much more secure knowing Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer Secretary Napolitano is zeroing in on the true threats* to our security.

*(Such as returning veterans and people who believe in limited government, fiscal responsibility, and federalism. You know, neo-Nazis.)

(hat tip: The Jawa Report)

LINKS: More on that report.


I hear a bus warming up….

April 17, 2009

Yet another Obama appointee under investigation. YANSID!