It is blasphemy to get sick

The Nation of Islam has forbidden its members to get swine flu. You hear that? Don’t you dare do it!

No, I am not kidding:

Saying it must strictly adhere to the rule that no pig shall pass their lips–or enter their bloodstream–Nation of Islam leaders today told members they should not contract the swine flu.

The NOI prohibits members from eating pork because it considers the pig to be an ‘unclean’ animal. It holds the same feeling toward the swine flu.

"The pig is a nasty foul beast and no man should eat of it," said Minister Bartholomew 298X, NOI chief of health and wellness for Mosque #458. "Nor shall he allow it to infect his white blood cells or his red blood cells or take residence in the holy places of his bowels."

The edict comes just two days after the U.S. government declared a public health emergency to respond to the flu, which has so far sickened people in Kansas, California, New York, and several other states.

"But you will notice that none of the afflicted are in the Nation of Islam," said Bartholomew 298X. "We adhere very strictly to our religion, unlike the devils who have contracted this foul disease."

"Holy places of the bowels"… I swear I can’t make this …er… "stuff" up. Laughing

Oh, and note the racist shot at the end. Nice.

(hat tip: Infidels Are Cool)


One Response to It is blasphemy to get sick

  1. Jon Brooks says:

    At last something to put the fear of God into these devils. Jehovah kicks allahs butt even at the submicroscopic level:) Hey achmed..the swine flu coming to get you was okayed by BHO.

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