May 5, 2009

According to a Marist poll, New York voters prefer former governor Eliot Spitzer to his replacement, David Paterson.

Remember, Spitzer was forced to resign in disgrace when it was revealed that he was a regular client of expensive prostitution rings — while playing the crusader and prosecuting them as Attorney General. He also made a name for himself by prosecuting and suing Wall St. figures on questionable charges to force settlements that would burnish his career.

And New Yorkers still prefer him to Governor Paterson.

Man, that’s gotta hurt. Doh


Jane Harman follow-up

May 5, 2009

While she may have traded her influence for foreign help to advance her career, my local congresscritter Jane Harman can honestly say she has more integrity than Nancy Pelosi*, for she opposed waterboarding when Congress was first briefed on it by the CIA, unlike La Nancita, who was briefed on it, supported it, then claimed she didn’t know they would actually do it.

So, while I disagree strongly with Jane on the use of harsh interrogation techniques, she gets points for consistency and integrity for this.

Now, if she could only do something about that secret deals with foreign intelligence services thingy….

*(Not a high standard to meet, I know.)