No, really, who was on the plane?

I know this is getting uncomfortably close to the Fever Swamps of Doom, but the government’s explanations for that bizarre low-level flyover photo op over New York City a couple of weeks ago just aren’t adding up. I mean, over $330,000 to fly one of the President’s private jets (and his airborne command center in the event of emergency) plus two F-16s as escort — all to get new photos of Air Force 1 flying over the Statue of Liberty? A photo that could have been professionally Photoshopped in about 20 minutes?

Sure, the official in charge of the White House Military Office resigned, taking responsibility, but does anyone really believe that no one else in the White House knew what was being done with a plane as important as Air Force 1?

Something smells here. Time out

Ann Althouse smells something, too. She looks at the photograph the White House released –remember, this photo is the reason for that $330,000, panic-inducing flight– and finds the proffered explanation just not credible: the photo’s too amateurish, an F16 is the wrong kind of plane for the job, and it bears the hallmarks of Photoshopping. Post-facto CYA in action? Read Ann’s post and see what you think.

Meanwhile, I ask again, Who was on the plane? Thinking


2 Responses to No, really, who was on the plane?

  1. Steve in TN says:

    You conspiracy theorist, you…

  2. It’s the Boy Scouts, I tell you, controlled by the Masons! Where’s Ron Howard? I have a movie for him….

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