There’s a reason the Republicans are called "The Stupid Party"

May 13, 2009

This is one example.

Dear RNC: Please don’t do this. Not only do you cheapen the meaning of the word "socialist" by abusing it in the manner of a 4th-grader calling someone a name and thus make it useless as a tool of serious argument, but you turn off a lot of independent voters because this is something a 4th-grader would do.

Please, go back to fund-raising and organizing and shut up.

Thank you.


–A Stupid Party member.


Pelosi lie number three shot down

May 13, 2009

One of her close aids told her specifically that waterboarding was being used on abu Zubaydah.

Time for Lie Number Four, Madame Speaker?

Serious question: Is Speaker Pelosi's nonsensical lie after lie a sign of oncoming senility? No person in their right mind could think they'd get away with this.

(hat tip: Sister Toldjah)

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Signs of the Fall: Sweden

May 13, 2009

So now Sweden has decided to allow women who want abortions to make their choice based on the gender of the fetus. I hope they’re proud: a supposedly civilized Western nation has now put itself on the same moral level as Communist China.

There’s just one word for this: obscene.

Look, I personally do not favor allowing abortion except in limited circumstances, but I do think society should be able to make that policy decision through its elected representatives at the state level.

Regardless of where one falls on the abortion issue, however, I think we can agree that the "right" to kill a fetus because it’s not of the sex you want is monstrous — unless you favor the most extreme positions imaginable.

As does our President.


Poor, poor pitiful Michelle

May 13, 2009

Would that I had had it half as rough as she.

Not that I begrudge people their success: I don’t. We make our own ways in the world, for better or worse. But don’t try to impress me with your commitment to service and sacrifice when your husband’s elevation to the Senate clearly played a role in the near-tripling of your salary at the time. And what kind of clueless, parvenu elitism does it take to complain about the money you spend on your children’s extracurricular activities, when that same amount comes to nearly one-third of the annual income of the women you’re talking to?

Meanwhile, if you really want sacrifice and service, how about a woman who gave up a six-figure job, most of her family’s income, because she wouldn’t tolerate the corruption around her?

So cry me a river, Michelle. But first pass the wagyu carpaccio, and make my martini with Ketel One. Martini Glass