Parliament of thieves

Humorist PJ O’Rourke once wrote a book about the US government called Parliament of Whores. I think he could write a sequel about Congress’  elder relative in London. I’ll even let him use the subject above as the title.

A few days ago, I wrote about a breaking scandal in the UK that revealed the interesting items members of Parliament, including government ministers, claimed as "legitimate expenses." Things like pool maintenance, rat poison, and porn. (That last as a gift…)

Now, thanks to the UK’s News of the World, you can read the whole sorry list of MPs who think the British public should pay for their private expenses. One example:


Lab, Scunthorpe. Maj: 8,963.

Alleged to have claimed £16,000 for a mortgage that didn’t exist. Has been suspended from Labour Party. Insists: "I do not believe any offence has been committed."

Claiming expense money for an obligation that does not exist… hmmm. I think that’s called "fraud." Thinking

I wonder if he and US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner trade tips…

So, the Parliament, Congress, and the California Legislature. What is it with so many legislators that they think they have a right to live high on the hog on the public’s money? I know there are good ones, but way too many think the treasury is theirs, not the public’s.

The root of the problem is ethics, or, more precisely, the lack thereof.

As Don Surber says, time to throw the bums out.


One Response to Parliament of thieves

  1. Helen says:

    Actually, it was the Daily and Sunday Telegraphs that broke the story and been running it for over a week. The News of the World is doing a bit of catching up here.
    I recall Elliot Morley well as a Fisheries Minister, rude and arrogant, either incapable of realizing or too dishonest to admit that there is an EU common fisheries policy and Britain’s fish cannot be managed by Britain. Well, what goes around comes around. Heh!

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