Oh, this guy’s *good*

5 Responses to Oh, this guy’s *good*

  1. Steve in TN says:

    Watch out, Phineus… You may have made AJ Strata’s hit list with this post. 😛
    The best that can be said about Crist is that he is Jeb Bush Lite.

  2. Lance Thompson says:

    Could it be the NRC is keeping our most eloquent and articulate conservatives in the shadows so the usual suspects remain in power? Rubio is fantastic!

  3. Tom Jones says:

    I miss Reagan.

  4. I love AJ’s board, and he posts some great stuff, but I’ve had to start avoiding posts wherein he screeches about “extremists,” which seems at times to be anyone other than him.

  5. I’ve wondered if there isn’t some “protect the old boys’ club” attitude going on at the national level: first Palin, now Rubio… I mean, do they *want* to win?

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