Rewarding Jew-hatred at the UN

This guy is going to be the new head of UNESCO? Bernard-Henri Levy, Elie Wiesel, and Claude Lanzmann have a few questions about him:

Who declared in April 2001: "Israel has never contributed to Civilization in any era, for it has only ever appropriated the contributions of others" — and added almost two months later: "the Israeli culture is an inhumane culture; it is an aggressive, racist, pretentious culture based on one simple principle: steal what does not belong to in order to then claim its appropriation"?

Who explained in 1997, and has repeated it since in every way possible, that he was the "archenemy" of all attempts to normalize his country's relations with Israel?

Or who, as recently as 2008, responded to a deputy of the Egyptian parliament who was alarmed that Israeli books could be introduced into the Alexandria Library: "Burn these books; if there are any there, I will myself burn them in front of you"?

Read the whole thing. Those are the words of Farouk Hosny, the Egyptian Minister of Culture, who will become head of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization on June 1st, unless something is done to block him. Yes, a rabid anti-Semite and book-burner will become the world organization's chief spokesman for … culture. I guess Goebbels wasn't available.

Tell me again why we waste a dime on the UN? Waiting

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One Response to Rewarding Jew-hatred at the UN

  1. stconsultant says:

    There are several candidates for the job, and it is far from certain that Hosny will be elected. Candidates from Lithuania and Tanzania look quite strong.
    Now, as to why we spend money on UNESCO. UNESCO catalyzed the creation of CERN, and Tim Berners Lee created the World Wide Web and made the system freely available while he worked at CERN. UNESCO leads in the global effort to allow all kids to get at least a primary school education. At the request of the United States, UNESCO has created a global network of World Heritage Sites and a global network of biosphere reserves, not to mention an Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission that enables oceanographers to simplify the red tape involved in crossing research voyages and is creating a global tsunami warning system. It does all this and a lot more with an annual budget which is less than one-quarter that of my local school board.

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