Zeroing in on what really matters

May 25, 2009

North Korea explodes a nuclear weapon, catching the Obama Administration by surprise, and the "progressive" nitwit who called the only person to see it coming "crazy" is worried about not hurting the North Koreans’ feelings.

And the Left wonders why no one with an ounce of sense trusts them with our national security. Go figure. I dont know

(via Legal Insurrection)


He saw it coming

May 25, 2009

Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton last Wednesday predicted that the North Koreans would take advantage of the Obama Administration’s naiveté to conduct another nuclear test. For this, he was roundly attacked by the Left.

Yesterday, he was proven right.

Like William Jacobson, I’m curious to see if any of those who called him crazy will apologize. I’m not holding my breath. I’m even more interested, however, to see if this will drive the Obama Administration to "get real" about the nuclear threats posed by both North Korea and Iran, who are both playing the administration for suckers.

Sadly, I doubt it. The usual outrage is being expressed by the usual suspects, who are about to make the customary appeal to the UN Security Council, which in turn will wring its hands and issue some vapid statement of concern.

Followed by an offer of aid to North Korea, if only they’d behave. Doh

Meanwhile, sadly on the outside of government, we have people like John Bolton, who sees the North Koreans and Iranians for what they are and understands the danger they pose.

President Palin, your National Security Advisor awaits you.

(hat tip: Power Line)

UPDATE: The administration whines that North Korea gave them no warning. That will inspire confidence….