Hug your enemies, slap your friends

If that sounds bass-ackwards (as my mother used to say), get used to it; it seems to be the operative principle of US foreign policy under President Obama. While he wants talks without preconditions with fascist thugs who kill our soldiers and seek nuclear weapons, he seemingly goes out of his way to humiliate and insult our closest allies — and then lie about it:

Now a senior US official has told the BBC it was a deliberate decision not to consult London on the resettlement, after other countries came under pressure from China not to accept the Uighurs.

In a highly unusual move, a senior US official said Washington opted to keep details of the deal from London until the last minute to enable Britain to deny all knowledge of the deal and thus avoid China’s anger, says the BBC’s Washington correspondent Kim Ghattas.

The official said they expected London to be upset but added he felt the deal was made on solid ground, in direct talks with the Bermuda government, who accepted the men as part of guest worker programme.

I first wrote about l’Affaire Uighur here. At the time, the Obama foreign-policy establishment tried to duck responsibility by claiming they thought Bermuda had talked to London. (What? They couldn’t themselves call to double-check?) Now, however, the BBC article shows that the Obama administration thinks so little of our friendship with Great Britain that they would deliberately conceal from Whitehall the release of terrorists to a country for which Britain has diplomatic and security responsibilities.

Oh, but I forget – they did it for Britain’s own good. Doh

I’m so glad we elected this new team dedicated to smart power, aren’t you? So far, in their quest to restore our moral standing in the world, they’ve thrown our allies in Warsaw and Prague under the bus by trying to cut a secret deal with the Russians on missile defense; they’ve twisted arms in Jerusalem while going on bended knee to show our ignorance of Islam and History in Cairo; and just this weekend the president played golf and avoided irritating the religious fascists who run Iran while the Iranian people fight and die for the right to clean elections. Rather than acting as the leader of the free world, President Obama seems to think his role is to be accommodator-in-chief.

Hey, at this rate we should be shed of our last friends by the end of the year! Party

(hat tip: Ed Morrissey)


One Response to Hug your enemies, slap your friends

  1. Karen says:

    O’Bamaa has been and will never be a commander in chief. He doesn’t know how because he listens to way to many progressive as of course that he is. When he finishes just this term, he will have caused so much harvoc that it will take a lot to get us back to where we should be.

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