Worth your money

June 15, 2009

Since bursting onto the national stage, Alaska’s Governor Sarah Palin has been dogged by one ludicrous ethics complaint after another – fourteen in total, all of which have been thrown out as baseless. And while that’s a measure of vindication for her, it’s come with a price: she and her family have footed the legal bills themselves, amassing over $500,000 in debts. (And my cynical side thinks the President’s political operatives are encouraging this, to hobble a potential serious rival.)

So, some ordinary barbarians decided to come to the governor’s aid. Conservatives for Palin is holding a webathon to raise money to retire the Palins’ legal debt. I’ll let them explain:

The Alaska Fund Trust is the official Palin legal defense fund. There was limited media attention given to the AFT when it was launched. The attention has tapered off, but Governor Palin’s legal debt is still there and is still accumulating as her enemies have regrouped and are looking for new ways to hit her with more frivolous complaints.

The AFT needs our help.

Sarah Palin is a good governor and a good person: we need more like her in politics, but we won’t get them if they’re subjected to lawsuit harassment that’s meant to break them financially. That’s where you and I come in; we can help, even if it’s only for a few bucks — a little bit here and there can add up quickly and make a big difference.

So dig out that credit card – do it for The ‘Cuda. Cowboy



June 15, 2009

The photo says it all. A lone woman standing up to the regime’s thugs, demanding what we take for granted: an honest election.


(courtesy Threats Watch)

And video from Tehran shows she is by no means the only one. If I were the mullahs and their puppet Ahmadinejad, I would be very, very worried right now.


American traitor needs a bit of perspective … or a Hellfire missile

June 15, 2009

Adam Gadahn, the boy from Orange County who grew up to embrace his country's enemies, explained in a video why he joined al-Qaeda:

But the California-raised traitor – who converted to Islam as a teen – saved his worst venom in the 35-minute Arabic screed for his Jewish family members.

"My grandfather was a Zionist … and a prominent member of a number of Zionist hate organizations," explained Gadahn, who is believed to have written at least one of Bin Laden's speeches.

Gadahn's late paternal grandfather, Carl Pearlman, was an Anti-Defamation League board member in Santa Ana, Calif.

Gadahn, 31, said Pearlman encouraged him to visit Tel Aviv and gave him Bibi Netanyahu's book, "A Place Among the Nations."

But Gadahn said he rejected Judaism and Israeli citizenship because he had too much self-respect "to stand in the ranks of criminals and killers who have no morals, no mercy, no humanity and indeed no honor."

So, I guess he joined Osama bin Laden's merry band of medieval psychos because they do have "morals, mercy, humanity and, indeed, honor?" As in this? Bless the Beasts and Children:

I told the Iraqi commander, Captain Baker, that it was important that Americans see this; he took me around the graves and showed more than I wanted to see. He said the people had been murdered by al Qaeda. I made video of him speaking, and of the horrible scene. The heat and stench were crushingly oppressive and broken only by the sounds of shovels as Iraqi soldiers kept digging.

There were bodies of men, women and children. Al Qaeda slaughters families everywhere: as these graves were being unearthed, more bombs were found in London.

Joining with this gives you self-respect? That's your "honor," Adam? That's your "mercy?" Your "humanity?"

If that's your idea of a just world, Adam, you can take it and shove it.

(hat tip: Raymond Ibrahim)

UPDATE: Hey, Adam, you braying jackass! Here's another example of the "morals, mercy, humanity and, indeed, honor" of your brothers in jihad:

On his face is an angelic smile, in his pocket a blood-stained 50-rupee note.
Ishaq Khan, a 12-year-old schoolboy, was given the money – equivalent to
just 40p – to carry a bag to a spot in a busy bazaar in Kohat, a town in the
North West Frontier Province of Pakistan.

As he walked away, the bag exploded, throwing him to the ground with a
shattered foot and leaving shoppers dead and wounded all around him.

In a macabre new tactic, Taliban militants have begun paying children to plant
lethal bombs in Pakistani cities. Ishaq, who comes from a poor family that
barely survives on the money his father earns from house-painting jobs, had
been working at the Orakzai bus stop of the city’s main Terah Bazaar,
earning a few rupees a day by helping people to load lorries and buses.

There's nothing new about this: al Qaeda and the Taliban have used children, women who've been raped and shamed, and even Down's syndrome sufferers as suicide bombers.

Such is jihadi "honor."