Stark contrast

June 22, 2009

President Barack Obama on Iran in 2009 and President Ronald Reagan on Poland in 1981:

The Metrosexual vs. El Machaso. No contest. Cowboy


I’m speechless

June 22, 2009

The Iranian regime's goons are gunning people down in the streets, but their diplomats are still welcome at the White House 4th of July party to share hot dogs with President Obama.

Allahpundit puts it best: Absolutely the lowest moment of his presidency thus far.


Quote of the Day

June 22, 2009

Andy McCarthy in Understanding Obama on Iran:

The fact is that, as a man of the hard Left, Obama is more comfortable with a totalitarian Islamic regime than he would be with a free Iranian society. In this he is no different from his allies like the Congressional Black Caucus and Bill Ayers, who have shown themselves perfectly comfortable with Castro and Chàvez.  Indeed, he is the product of a hard-Left tradition that apologized for Stalin and was more comfortable with the Soviets than the anti-Communists (and that, in Soros parlance, saw George Bush as a bigger terrorist than bin Laden).

Ouch. Truth hurts. Feeling beat up

What’s frustrating is that none of this was hidden from view – the information about Obama’s background and ideology was there for anyone who wanted to investigate. But the mainstream media, who should have been all over this during the campaign, instead chose to dig deeply into "real" issues, such as Sarah Palin’s tanning bed. They became a marketing arm of the Obama campaign, willingly selling-out their duty to inform the public.

And thus enabling the success of a candidate who, as President, willingly sells out the people of Iran.