Leaving Babylon

I wrote here about Iraq taking security control of its cities while American forces withdraw to rural bases and how it signaled victory for us and the Iraqis. Ralph Peters also writes on the significance of the moment, but he says it much more eloquently than I. Here’s a sample:

There is evil in the world. No matter how resistant Obama may be to learning that basic lesson, our enemies will hammer it into him.

As our troops leave Iraq’s cities today, their commanders know that
still more bloody trials lie ahead. Now and then, the Iraqis will
“shoot the red star cluster,” calling for our help. But today isn’t
just a day for Iraqis to celebrate — it’s a good day for us, too.

And it’s a day of vindication for a former president who saw
clearly, but spoke poorly (to the delighted mortification of the

Now we have a president who expresses himself beautifully, but
seems blind to international reality. And it’s up to him to determine
whether Iraq was a new beginning or a dead end.

Be sure to read the whole thing.

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