More traitors exposed!

July 8, 2009

In an earlier episode, we read how the New York Times' columnist Paul Krugman opined that those who voted against the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade global warming bill were traitors to the planet.

Well, now Congressman Rat-Face Waxman has declared opposition to Obama and the fight against the Nazis climate change to be treason against America!

Does that make it more OK than treason against the whole planet? Confused

And what happened to dissent being patriotic? I dont know

Is the global warming movement dominated by Red Lectroids?

July 8, 2009


That’s the only explanation I can come up with for some of the megalomaniacal ideas the climate alarmists devise to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. They’re Lectroids and they’re taking orders from Lord John Whorfin.

Lime in oceans ‘would reduce CO2 levels’

About half of the CO2 released into the air by humans each year is absorbed by the oceans.

Although it helps slow the rate of global warming, it increases ocean acidity and poses a potential problem to marine life.

Under proposals from the Cquestrate project, they aim to reduce ocean acidity while increasingly absorbing CO2 by converting limestone into lime, thereby adding the lime to seawater.

The lime would react with CO2 dissolved in the water, converting it into bicarbonate ions, thus decreasing the acidity of the water, allowing the oceans to absorb more CO2 from the air and reduce global warming.

Lime in a gin rickey is one thing, but the idea that they can precisely regulate the chemistry of the oceans is… Well, look at the picture above to get an idea. We shouldn’t be surprised, I guess, since EU President Barroso wants to limit atmospheric warming to no more than two degrees centigrade. I guess he knows where the thermostat is. And our President’s science advisor has speculated about shooting pollutants into the atmosphere to reflect the sun’s light to cool the whole planet. A planet that’s been cooling for years, anyway.

Really. Red Lectroids explain everything. Believe it! Alien

(hat tip: Heliogenic Climate Change)

RELATED: The Medieval Warm Period, an earlier period of climate warming that alarmists hate to acknowledge, has been shown to have paved the way for the growth of the Inca Empire. Yep. It was a climate catastrophe, alright.