Good thing we killed the F-22

We wouldn’t want to worry possible opponents by having advanced fighters that are actually ready now, would we?

F-35 Fighter Two Years Behind Schedule: Pentagon Panel

An internal Pentagon oversight board has found that the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program is two years behind the publicly announced schedule, say multiple congressional aides familiar with the findings, sparking a sharp response from those invested in the debate over the F-22.

As Congress has debated the future of the F-22 fighter program, lawmakers have used the promise of the F-35 plane’s completion as a key plank in their argument that the F-22 line could be ended without a significant risk to national security.

Now, senators and aides are lamenting that the Pentagon oversight panel’s more pessimistic view on the F-35 program was not publicly released during the F-22 debate and are calling for more open disclosure of the problems with the development of the F-35.

The Pentagon’s Joint Estimate Team (JET), which was established to independently oversee the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program, is at odds with the fighter’s Joint Program Office, the aides said. The oversight panel’s calculations determined that the fighter won’t be able to move out of the development phase and into full production mode until 2016, rather than 2014 as the program office has said. That’s assuming there are no further problems with the program, which has already faced cost overruns and schedule delays. The Government Accountability Office said the delay could cost as much as $7.4 billion.

“In every parameter and in every respect, the Joint Program Office’s projections were always a hell of a lot rosier than what the Joint Estimate Team found,” said one Senate aide who was briefed on the findings.

Doesn’t that make you feel secure? I know it reaffirms my faith in the fine, sober work Congress is doing overseeing our national security needs. Worried

LINKS: The Weekly Standard, which quotes a (yeah, anonymous) “defense expert:”

“Gates and company get caught hiding the ball once again. Just another piece of evidence suggesting the decision to end the F-22’s production was driven not by analysis and study but simply a desire to cut the budget.”

5 Responses to Good thing we killed the F-22

  1. bellez says:

    Wonder why the idiot Mccain Lost.Sorry fellow patriots Sarah was the best thing to happen in election..We are gonna need Good cleaning woman to clean stench from WH and congress..They should be very afraid..

  2. Pollhater says:

    We’ve got two wars going on. How many of the existing 180 F-22s we have are deployed in those theaters?

    Our primary power projection method is by aircraft carrier. How many F-22s are currently placed on carriers?

    Of the currently actually existing fighters produced by any other country, how many can beat our current top fighters (the F-15 and the F/A-18)?

  3. The Gardner says:

    I’m with Pollhater on this on. The fact is that the F-22 doesn’t fill any need that we currently have, or that we can currently even predict. Why spend $1.75 Billion to buy 7 fighters we aren’t using anyway?

  4. Pollhater says:
  5. Pollhater says:

    Hmmm… or just a link, maybe:

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