Actually read the bill? You must be joking!

Ed at Hot Air has a doozy of a video clip: House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers (whose wife recently plead guilty in a bribery  scandal) at a National Press Club luncheon scoffing at the idea that members of Congress voting on proposed health-care legislation should actually read it and know what’s in it. Ed writes:

Representative democracy rests on having the people send Congressmen and Senators to Washington DC to vote on legislation so that we don’t have to hold constant national referendums on issues. If the elected representatives don’t bother to read the legislation, then we have surrendered representative democracy and adopted an autocracy of Capitol Hill staffers and lobbyists.

I think he meant “oligarchy” instead of “autocracy,” but the point about the point of representative democracy is spot-on. It’s a big, red warning light that the Federal government is trying to do too much, too fast if members complain they haven’t the time to read the bills. And it’s even worse when they accept this dereliction of duty as just the way things are. It’s corruption not in the sense of criminal bribery or graft, but in a deviation from the intended role of Congress so great that the institution itself can only be seen as debased and rotted.

Really. Go watch the video. Poor man, and how terribly arrogant and unfair we in the public are for expecting him and his colleagues to actually do the job for which we voted them into office.

Maybe it’s time we voted them out. Waiting

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