Pelosi’s in a panic

July 30, 2009

That’s the only reason I can think of for her unleashing her inner socialist for all the world to see in this rant to reporters at Capitol Hill:

“It’s almost immoral what they are doing,” Pelosi said to reporters, referring to insurance companies. “Of course they’ve been immoral all along in how they have treated the people that they insure,” she said, adding, “They are the villains. They have been part of the problem in a major way. They are doing everything in their power to stop a public option from happening.”

Emphasis added. And if you think I’m exaggerating with the “inner socialist” remark, consider this: one of her political heroes and mentors in San Francisco politics was the Stalinist head of the Longshoreman’s Union:

The point of rehearsing all of this ancient history is that one of those he influenced and who still goes out of her way to honor that influence is Nancy Pelosi. In 2001, she took to the pages of the Congressional Record to effuse her sentiments on the hundredth anniversary of Harry Bridges’s birth, an occasion celebrated only by a gnostic few.

Here is what she said: “Harry Bridges [was] arguably the most significant labor leader of the twentieth century,” who was “beloved by the workers of this Nation, and recognized as one of the most important labor leaders in the world.” She added: “The International Longshoremen’s and Warehousemen’s Union [was] the most progressive union of the time.” In other words, this Communist-run union was more admirable than all of the anti-Communist unions.

Pelosi delivered this encomium a full nine years after Bridges’s membership in the CP Central Committee had been revealed. Nor was this just a single moment. As recently as this February she visited ILWU headquarters to deliver this homage: “It is very special to me, any occasion that I can come to the ILWU hall and acknowledge the leadership of this great union. . . .”

Anyway, the Democrats’ internal polls on ObamaCare must be frightening, perhaps even worse than the public polls showing the electorate turning solidly against the idea. So what does the Speaker of the House do when she finds herself in a jam? Same thing she always does: find a scapegoat and demonize it. First it was the CIA, now the insurance companies – admittedly a decent choice, since they’re not popular with most Americans. What, then, must she think of her leader in the White House, since Barack Obama was the biggest recipient of insurance-company donations in 2008? Is he sleeping with the enemy for taking money from the villainous insurance companies?

This tells me the Democrats are close to panic over over one of their long-desired programs: with solid, filibuster-proof majorities in both chambers, they can’t even control their own members enough to pass the president’s signature issue. The moderate-conservative Blue Dogs won’t accept the so-called public option, while the hard-Left progressives won’t vote for a bill without it. They may get the bill out of committee, but there will be no final vote before Congress adjourns tomorrow. And don’t forget the problems in the Senate.

Of course, during the recess they get to hear from those increasingly restive voters in the many, many swing districts across this great country.

If I were Speaker Pelosi, I’d be panicking, too.

LINK: More at Hot Air, The Hill.

UPDATE: Well, what do you know? Nancy Pelosi herself has taken money from these evil, villainous insurance companies, to the tune of $120,000 in the last election cycle. I’m sure she’ll be giving it back any moment now, since she wouldn’t want to be tainted by dirty money.  Rolling on the floor

Good advice

July 30, 2009

From Victor Davis Hanson, some words of wisdom for America’s elite hypocrites:

Do the wealthy and the powerful lecture us about our wrongs because they know their own insider status ensures that they are exempt from the harsh medicine they advocate for others? Millionaire Gore is not much affected by higher taxes for his cap-and-trade crusade.

Or does the hypocrisy grow out of a sort of class snobbery? Do elites hector the crass middle class because it lacks their own taste, rare insight, and privileged style? Judging from the police report, Gates seemed flabbergasted that the white Cambridge cop did not know who he was “messing” with.

Or is the new hypocrisy an eerie sort of psychological compensation at work? Perhaps the more Al Gore rails about carbon emissions, the more he can without guilt enjoy what emits them. The more Professor Gates can cite racism, the more he himself is paid to spot it. And the more a Tom Daschle wants to tax and spend for health care, the less badly he feels about his own chauffer and tax avoidance?

Here’s a little advice for all of America’s aristocratic critics: a little less hypocrisy, a little more appreciation of your good lives — and then maybe the rest of us will listen to you a little more.

Read the whole thing. Applause

A true victim of the housing crisis

July 30, 2009

From reader Porkchop comes a link to a special report on a true victim of the housing crisis.

My heart bleeds for him.