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The White House wants you to inform on your neighbors. Yes, if you know someone who opposes ObamaCare and posts about it on the Internet, the White House Office of Health Care Reform (aka, the Health Czar), wants you to let them know:

There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care.  These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation.  Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to

What’s next? Cameras in your homes to monitor your anti-Obama anti-social behavior?

Anyway, Gaius at Blue Crab Boulevard has had a fun idea: they want fishy links, give’em to them. I’ll let him expain:

We heartily endorse the sending of links of fish, especially crappie, to the White House!

You heard it here first. Send them the link to crappie – since that is what they are pushing. Crappy health care.

This is a gross abuse of the power of the presidency, a gross waste of our money and completely out of touch with the realities of governance. Send them the link to crappie. Give ‘em what they want – tell them what you think of them and their plan.

The Democrats must be in a panic over the rising resistance to their health care fiasco plans; not only does the White House want you to rat out wrong-thinkers, but the Democratic National Committee is denouncing citizens showing up at town-hall meetings to protest ObamaCare to their representatives as tools of the Republicans and the insurance companies.

Ironic that the administration headed by a former community organizer would go after people for, well, organizing.

Anyway, I’m off to report some fishy links to Headquarters. Gotta be a good citizen, after all.  Angel

LINKS: Sister Toldjah is displaying a fishy photo. Maybe we should report her, too. Melissa Clouthier, Bruce Henderson, and Pirate’s Cove are all subversive characters, too. There’s alway something fishy at Hot Air.

UPDATE: Added the main link, which I forgot when first posting … again. Doh

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  1. Porkchop Pollhater says:

    This is a better link for your first quote:

    Wow… that’s so sloppy. They could have just asked people to send in their questions if they see something that alarms them about The Plan and include the source. But nope, they’re actually asking for help with spying on people.

    Hmmm… I guess this means the NSA isn’t monitoring all Internet traffic… or if they are, they aren’t sharing.

    • Phineas Fahrquar says:

      Thanks. I meant to out that link in, but forgot while hunting up the others.

  2. rwisher says:

    This is what I sent my friends and posted. All kidding aside, we are in a war for our lives and freedom, as well as, our children’s.

    Rush mentioned this on his radio show and crashed the server at

    I managed to get in and copy the link. Even read as innocuously as possible, this is still disturbing. And you must remember, the key is to always start out small, like marking the stores with a star to let everybody knows it was owned by a Jew. Then they weren’t allowed to hold government jobs, then…

    Then of course, the was that pesky fellow Stalin and his whole purging thing (not like a runway model purging, more like “I kill those 20 million because I don’t like them much” purging)

    The trouble with being inside a revolution is perspective. You can’t get enough distance to see exactly what is going on. We are lucky to have an open society and free speech, for now, but the inability to get far enough way to view the whole picture is still our biggest problem. That and we have a tendency to think the best of people, even when they have proven they possess nothing of the sort.

    Just recently the government was forced to remove an agreement that said when you linked to their website, your computer became part of their network and they had access to all of your files. Beck was alerted to this and made it public. According to him, they were “shocked” as he was about it and were making arrangements to take down the agreement…not the keystroke program or virus that hacks your files, just the agreement.

    The key to his victory over our freedoms is going to be volume, do so much so quickly that people can’t juggle all the balls thrown their way. Some are going to get through. Others, even if we block them now, will be tossed at us again and again, as we grow more tired each time we defend ourselves.

    The sooner we kneecap his supporters, like weakminded democratic congressmen, the better. If you live in a district where nothing you do will make a difference, send your money and lend your support to a district with a weak politician and have him thrown out. One of our best weapons, sad to say, is our politicians having an overwhelming desire to stay in power. Given a choice between “Velvet Tongue” and themselves, they’ll throw Obama under the bus in a heartbeat.

    • Porkchop Pollhater says:

      Do you really think bringing up BOTH Stalin and Hitler in the same message is conducive to any kind of conversation? Nutty hyperbole just turns people off. Focusing on WHAT THEY’RE ACTUALLY DOING (which is plenty disturbing all on its own) is more effective than claiming this is just the first step before they shove us all in ovens.

      Crazy sounding people are easy to ignore, so you’re really not helping anybody.

  3. rwisher says:

    To Porkchop,

    The comparison I was making was that of distance. Do you really think, at first, that the people living in those times really understood what the future held? If you do, then you are condemning an entire population to a role in a conspiracy.

    Most people are sheep. (Dave Grossman holds a number of interesting seminars for the military and the police about this.

    All they want is a sunny meadow and a cool stream. They mean no harm and wish no harm to come to them. There is nothing wrong with this, other than they tend to be eaten by wolves repeatedly. The only thing that stands between the sheep and the wolves are the sheep dogs. I know, I was one for twenty years.

    I also spend a lot of time reading history. Now is Obama literally a Hitler? No. Times are different, as is the makeup of our government and our citizens. However, Obama does share a number of characteristics with a Chavez type of leader. If you took the time to look at the direction the countries in South America are going in, you’d find some very striking similarities. The difference between the success Chavez enjoys and the troubles Obama is encountering is the nature how our society sees itself and how we communicate.

    However, Chavez is now working fixing the problem with communication. He is taking away radio and television stations and turning them over to the state. He is not the only “president” doing this. Why? Because once the media is under control, the voice of opposition is tamped down.


    In another recent article there is a telling quote from a regular citizen-

    “I feel the country that I knew, where I was raised, is slipping away,” said Alix Villareal, 43, a maid who cried alongside other demonstrators. “I’m sad because little by little they are taking away everything, and nobody does anything.”

    Sound familiar?

    If I were going to put Obama into a historical context I think I’d lean towards “El Duce”. Who, as I am currently learning, drove Italy into ruin, long before WWII broke out by enacting horrid public policy and nationalization. During his rise to power he had no problem sending out thugs to intimidate opposition. He also believed that if he could muster support in key areas, the silent majority was simply knuckle under, and he was right.

    Oddly, one of the differences between our nation and that of others is greed. Even Obama’s allies have a growing fear they are being marginalized, which for a career politician like Frank, Reid or Dodd, is a very bad thing. Can you imagine the irony of Obama getting bogged down by people who are upset he is sucking up all their oxygen (cash)?

    The other saving grace is the silent majority in our nation is basically a cranky lot that will take a ton of grief and stay silent right up until they don’t. When that tipping point occurs is anybody’s guess, and if you guess wrong, you are likely to get your “thing” caught in a vise.

    Oh, and as for bringing up Stalin and Hitler in the same message, that is fine. Remember, neither man started out as much. But somehow they managed to end up ruling nations. I think any study of historical leaders will reveal certain similarities in timing, ruthlessness, and character. Doesn’t mean I think Obama’s in their league, but that doesn’t mean he can’t do damage. Damage we may not be able to recover from for a long time, if ever.

    Better to be safe than sorry.

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