Those who oppose Obama’s health care reforms are Nazis!

So says Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-They’reAllVillains):

Impossible. Everyone knows Nazi villains are too well-dressed to genuinely oppose ObamaCare. Senator Boxer said so.

Somewhere, a circus is missing a couple of its clowns.  Clown

4 Responses to Those who oppose Obama’s health care reforms are Nazis!

  1. excellvirtuassistance101 says:

    there are other issues besides healthcare. the congress persons have their own healthcare system we the American people just join theirs or the one for the military, or the VA. what’s there to debate? How much do Federal employees earn? What’s their retirement befits like as compared to the wage slaves?Many persons employed by the US Government are double or triple dippers.. does nepotism not exist? we the people should debate all the wasteful US Government programs and the meritless employees on the US Taxpayers troph.. let’s put lipstick on the pigs.. the next issue is prison reform.. immigration reform is long overdue..and then the PUBLIC EMPLOYEES PENSIONs reform in line with private industry. We don’t get to retire at 50, with 90% of our pay, and then get employed by the Postal Service, or other wasteful Government mismanaged system. Abolish HUD, abolish all the racebased hateful US Government programs that hold back the merit jobs for the RACELESS! we have only bail outs and hand outs.. and a massive security surveillance of US citizens.. what about Freedom? JOB Security? Jobs in the private sector.. who can compete with the government “meritless, racebased jobs”no private industry can emulate the US Government. Pay cuts and lay offs for US Government employees and all their relatives… that would pay for the healthcare we the people need. Why do the politicians exempt themselves from the laws, the healthcare, the jobs, and the same pay as the privately employed qualified employees.Now to education are all the members of Congress PhDs, or MDs? what makes them so qualified to be in Congress??? Lets put them to the educational test.

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