White House not disavowing “disinformation” snitch-line

August 9, 2009

Gabriel Malor has noticed that, unlike past acts that have caused a furor, the White House is not disavowing the 1984-ish health-care snitch-line and blaming it on a low-level staffer. He wonders, then, how high the approval went:

When I first heard that the White House was encouraging people to snitch on their neighbors, I assumed this was something cooked up by a low-level staffer in the communications office trying to justify his job. The Obama Administration has been plagued by staffers and advisers who speak in his name only to have him or Rahm Emanuel come along and correct their “inartful” statements later. (Some examples from the last year.)

Generally, it has been a failure of leadership. The Obama folks are running around without supervision and when they don’t have a minder looking over their shoulder their Far Left impulses tend to show. Hence, Snitch Central.

Or so I was assuming. But consider the Scare Force One fiasco. It should never have happened and was quickly disavowed as soon as people protested. A low-level staffer gets blamed and the whole thing is quickly forgotten–by the White House, at least.

But that hasn’t happened this time.

Do read the whole thing.

I am the mob

August 9, 2009

YouTube user Short for Ordinary has posted a great video that reveals screaming mobs of insurance-company stooges and Republican shills for who they are – you and me.

via Melissa Clouthier