Exit, stage right! Running, even….

That’s it, I’m outta here! I’m off for a week’s vacation to magical, mystical Indianapolis to attend the GenCon game convention (Yes, I am a geek.  Blushing ) and commune with the Indianapolis Artsgarden.  (Which, as anyone who has seen it and watched anime can tell you, is secretly a giant robot left by an ancient race to defend the Earth. Really. Stop looking at me like that.) I’ll be back next Monday night.

Public Secrets won’t lie fallow, however. The inimitable Sister Toldjah has kindly agreed to fill in for me with the occasional post, just to keep things hopping round here.  Her blog is one of the top stops in the Right-o-sphere, and I’m truly happy to have her here as a pinch-hitter. Thanks, ST!  Big Grin

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