Thanks, Sis!

August 19, 2009

I’m a little late in doing so, but I want to take a moment to thank Sister Toldjah for filling in for me while I was on vacation. I really appreciate it, though I am wondering where all the candy went…  Confused

Thanks, ST. Happy

No prisoners!

August 19, 2009


With the administration and congressional Democrats in retreat and perhaps on the verge of a rout over health care, The Telegraph’s Gerald Warner hoists the Jolly Roger and declares “This will be a one-term presidency:”

President Pantywaist in retreat: Barack Obama hoists the white flag over Stalinist health care proposals

The white flag is flying over Camp Obama, which makes a pleasant change from the red flag that, metaphorically speaking, has been flying there since January 20. Barack Obama’s plan for socialised health care on the Stalinist model across the United States is now in full retreat. Not only will it not play in Peoria, it will not play anywhere.

Politicians returning to Washington after scrubbing off the tar and feathers acquired at town-hall meetings are bringing with them a blast of reality that has been absent from Obama’s dreamland regime since his inauguration. For months Obama had been trumpeting the indispensable nature of his “public option” in a new health care system. Suddenly, it is no big deal. Kathleen Sebelius, the Health and Human Services Secretary, is now telling Americans that taxpayer-funded insurance was “not the essential element”.

So, President Pantywaist is in full retreat….

And when the foe is in retreat, you do not give him any respite, any chance to regroup to hold his position or counterattack. No, instead you press the attack until the whole statist edifice of this “reform” bill crashes like the burning walls of a conquered fortress, not just the most egregious parts such as the public option. If the bill passes the House, as it may yet, then the Senate minority should filibuster it to death. And if the Democrats should invoke reconciliation, make them pay the price. And before then, opponents should keep the pressure on their congressmen and senators: phone calls, emails, letters, speaking at town halls (if the congresscritter isn’t afraid to host one) – any polite but firm way to get across that this dog’s breakfast of a plan will not do, that the whole thing has to go. Remind them that, before anything else, this is a liberty issue.

And then, on the first Tuesday in November, 2012, let’s make Mr. Warner’s prediction come true.

Take no prisoners. Devil