Three ObamaCare videos you should see

The first is from ABC’s John Stossel, who shreds the Obama administration’s so-called health care “reform” plan. William Jacobson calls this scary. I agree.

Next, a US Marine carpet bombs his congressman over ObamaCare:

And yes, the media has already started attacking this Marine. More at Hot Air.

Finally, via Zombywolf we have video of the ever-bombastic Bill O’Reilly interviewing the former head of the Canadian Medical Association about what he thinks of the proposed US reforms:

6 Responses to Three ObamaCare videos you should see

  1. rwisher says:


    The marine’s comment on Pelosi was a dagger through the heart of that congressman.

    Shame on us for voting them in, and not having the focus to take them back out when they show their true colors. Maybe 2010 will be different.

  2. Steve says:

    Awesome post! Keep up the excellent work!!

    ps. Link Exchange?

  3. Ken Brown says:

    I hope everyone who voted for this man as president can come to the conclusion that they made a terrible mistake and see the leftist, socialist,democratic party for what it is, it wants the failures of other country’s to happen here, they are convinced they can make it work when everybody else fails, as long as it’s you, not them they are using as the test rats, be real, demand that they give up their special plans and join the ones they want for us to accept, but be smart, make a special czar, like the messiah has made so many of, to watch over them and make them wait for their care, I also would demand that the messiah relinquish the expense records that Michelle and his daughters have put upon the American people since he made office, while he and the congress demanded everyone else’s records, he has made trips to italy for his daughters birthday, he has had president one flyovers for pics to make him majestic, but he wants us to tighten the belt for our country……this guy is a total underqualified chicago thug, and I will never bend to his wishes.

  4. glen says:

    It is a sad day for me to think that I bled in two wars for this country and to see it go down the drain, like so many countries have. When will the true freedom loving people get out and vote this bunch of thugs out of office? I hope in the near future???? A blind man /woman, can see that bho is not a true believer in freedom, all he wants is power over all of us and I may be wrong, but I don’t think the people will stand for that.

  5. rwisher says:

    Speaking of 2010, anybody want to take bets we see the two NBP’s from Philly and a lot more of their friends around the polling places?

    Just saying. Apparently it isn’t a crime to stop the “wrong people” from voting.

    God, how did we get here…

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