More about the Lion of the Senate

Not only was Ted Kennedy the kind of man who would leave a woman to die, not only was he a drunk and a sexual harasser, but he was also a self-serving, disloyal bastard who offered to work with the Soviets against the sitting President of the United States.

This is the man whom the congressional Democrats and the media wish to honor.

No surprise. It’s in a line with their behavior during the Iraq War, too.  Waiting


LINKS: Hot Air has more.

2 Responses to More about the Lion of the Senate

  1. Anonymous says:

    Senator Edward Moore Kennedy, AKA Fat Boy, AKA Ted the Swimmer, finally kicks the bucket…

    As you no doubt know, Ted Kennedy, the last and most cor­rupt mem­ber of the Kennedy broth­ers finally kicked the bucket last night. As you may gather from the head­line and the open­ing sen­tence, Anger Central wasn’t enam­ored with the that trea­so­n…

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