The narrative is the story

Bill Whittle at Big hollywood asks a darned good question: Why is Rodney King famous and Kenneth Gladney unknown?

Here’s a better question: If Kenneth Gladney — a black American who was beaten when he went to protest ObamaCare — had been there instead to support President Obama and had been beaten up and called a nigger by Anti-Obama town hall protesters…

…Well, does anyone doubt he would have been as famous as Rodney King? Why is Kenneth Gladney ignored? And why did a black patriot who showed up in opposition to ObamaCare with an AR-15 have his face and hands edited out of the video that MSNBC used to create the belief that wild white mobs, enraged at the very idea of a black man in the White House, were waiting outside to lynch the “President of Color?”

The example of these two black patriots flies dead in the face of The Narrative. Well, what is “the Narrative?”

To find out the answer and see a related video, be sure to read the rest.

2 Responses to The narrative is the story

  1. rwisher says:

    History belongs to the victors. Even in real time.

    • Phineas Fahrquar says:

      But I do think we’ve seen strong gains made against the dominant New Deal/New Left historiography in the years since Reagan took office.

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