Was World War II worth it?

September 3, 2009

Victor Davis Hanson looks at the start of World War II, seventy years ago this last Tuesday, and asks if it was worth the terrible price:

Did any good come from such a monstrous bloodletting?

Perhaps. The Holocaust was finally stopped before every Jew in Europe was killed as Hitler had planned. Germany, Italy, and Japan were transformed from monstrous regimes into liberal states whose democracies have done much for humanity in the ensuing years. And Western civilization survived its own heretical cannibals — to foster in the ensuing decades the greatest growth in freedom and prosperity in the history of the planet.

Like all of VDH’s writings, it’s thoughtful and well-worth your time.

It’s a shame so little has been done to commemorate the moment.

I will follow him…

September 3, 2009

To start your day with a laugh, have a look at this send-up of our President-Messiah from JoeDanMedia, set to the tune of Little Peggy March’s I Will Follow Him:

Like all good satire, this works because it hits the mark.   Rolling on the floor