Just the facts, Barack

Jack Webb and Harry Morgan give the President of the United States a needed talking-to:

(via Hot Air)

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  1. jaafar says:


  2. Hiram Rosov says:


  3. elishevas mom says:

    Perhaps this is just a response to some of Obama’s more one-sided “promos”, like his speech at Cairo University.

  4. jaafar says:

    Interesting…whenever I see criticism of The One, there is always a cry for “balance.”

    I don’t remember this happening for George W. Bush.

    Anyway, Hiram, you’re always free to make up whatever you think President BigEars might have said.

    For example:

    “We needed BALANCE in the executive branch, so I appointed Communists and tax cheats as well as honorable men.”

    See, I got it wrong. Write your own!

  5. Rina Chiyya says:

    Love it , it is too funny and good advice. LOL
    He is getting away with way too much compared to Bush.

    • Jim says:

      What planet have you been on lady? Compared to Bush, who gave the oil companies seats on the EPA? Who started a war in the country that DID NOT ATTACK US AND HAD NO HAND IN 9/11? Who spent unknown trillions on that war? The cost will continue to grow for many years. Yeah, Obama wants to spend tax money at home, instead of protect Big Oil interests in the middle east.

      You clearly only get your news from one source. Where are you and the other nutjobs like you coming from? More than Bush my ass. He also was complicit in treason by presidential decree in the outing of Valerie Plame for political reasons. I remember when treason was punishable by hanging.

      All this whining from the right is just what the insurance companies want, it’s also exactly the same whining that happened during the Medicare debates.

      Maybe you should see more “news” than just Fox.

  6. zev says:

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    This is great.

  7. Simon says:

    What they’re saying, in a nutshell, is this: Things are better for you now than they’ve been in the past. Stop agitating for change. Be satisfied with what you have. Isn’t this what many Southern whites told Martin Luther King when he began fighting for civil rights for African Americans?

    It seems to me that right-wingers are doing everything they can to prevent any kind of substantive change, simply because they’re sore that Obama won — and I do think that many folks (my grandparents and stepmother included) can’t accept that we have a black president.

    What’s brilliant about these smear tactics is that right-wingers have convinced many blue-collar, middle-income and lower-income folks to do the bidding of the healthcare industry and corporate America. The very people who would benefit from a public healthcare option are shouting “no socialism” while they hail firefighters and police officers (govt. employees) as heroes, send their kids to public school, use the USPS to mail letters, and rely on Medicare and Social Security when they get older.

  8. Myke says:

    Most of us who are complaining about the health care bill have read it. That is what scares us. We don’t have to lie and we haven’t been misinformed. Read it. Obams’s top people outside of the radicals, tax evaders and self avowed communists are people like Rahm Emmanuel, who called old people and handicapped peopel “useless eaters”. Sebelius who wrote books promoting eugenics. Holder who wrote books suggesting putting sterilants in our drinking water and forced abortions. Altho he said the forced abortions probably wouldn’t work in third world countries because of no Dr present at birth.
    In Obama’s own words he said old people will not get the care they are used to. If you need a hip replacement,take a pill. He also signed a bill that said it a baby lives thru an abortion it is okay to throw he/she into a dirty linen closet till it dies. He also said in his book “if the winds blow badly, I will stick with the Muslims.” If you want to know what he is, don’t buy his books. They are easy reads. Go to the book store and leaf thru them.
    All he has to do is take care of the billions of fraud in Medicare and Medicaid. And put some rules on the Ins company.He doesn’t need his own internal army. And he doesn’t need to apologize for our country and bow to Arab kings. And you think I don’t like him because he is black. How silly. Do your homework and quit being blinded by his success at reading a teleprompter.

  9. Rina Chiyya says:

    Amen Myke. I agree with you a 100 %.

    Simon ,I come from a country that has socialism. You do not want that it is terrible. We paid the highest taxes in the world and when you need a operation you can wait as long as a year. My sister is waiting now to get permission for a colon specialist. She has been waiting over 3 months and is so sick. Foreigners get brand new houses fully furnished with new things no second had stuff. They do not have to work for over 3 years and in less than 15 years it all will be Muslim.

    I am surprised that you wrote that you think that many can’t except a black president. I think you are wrong. He has been lying and flip flopping since day one. What he says and what he does is totally different. I do not trust him and the men he picked to advice him they are a bunch of nut cases. Obama needs to uphold the constitution and he is not doing that. He thinks he knows it all better he is arrogant to the hilt. There is so much fraud it would be better for him to prevent that than trying to change everything.
    Look who his friends are radicals and what experience did he have to run this country? None.
    Are you not curious who is behind him and backing him? I think I know who but you need to do your own research

  10. jaafar says:

    Simon, I hate to say this, but I think you are still “stuck on stupid.” We’ve been through this “Change” rhetoric before. Change, as we have all learned, can be BAD. Getting hit by a truck is a change. You can’t just run around saying “substantive change, baby” — you have to SPELL OUT exactly WHAT you want to change and WHY. You might also be asked to specify HOW MUCH IT WILL COST, and then tell us WHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR IT.

  11. millie says:

    I do agree with Simon. I grew up in the racially, ethnically, religiously segregated South of the 40’s and 50’s. We as Jews were told not to rock the boat that we couldn’t change the system, Not to try to get into the Gentile’s only clubs, schools, etc. Later it was accept the quota system because it was better than before. at least some of us could go to the schools under the quota system. The people in charge were always against a change in the statis quo because it would take them out of power. We as women were told the same things. I have had to push to get the change that I needed. Yes I have had to join all womens, all Jew, all what ever was against the status quo in order to get a semblance of equality. And so many times I have had to listen to the “Jack Webb” sort of speech many times. Well if I had not answered up and then found like minded people, where would I be now? And that is why they don’t put his answers in. the answers might just make too much sense.

    One of the funnier things that I learned in my travels was that breast cancer experiments and medical trials were done with White Male mice and rats. Why do you think that was?

  12. millie says:


    Change itself is neither good nor bad. It is what you make of it that has value. What I write is neither good or bad. how you read it and what effect it has on what you do if what matters. For example, if you dam a river to create a hydroelectric plant, it that good or bad. if your house was taken to facilitate the project, it is bad. if you are a fish that needs to get up stream, it is bad, If you didn’t have electricity before, it is good, if the dam helps control flood levels, it is good.

    So if you are in the Majority who makes the rules, and it benefits you as the system stands. of course you will challenge by only commenting on what adversely affects you.

  13. jaafar says:

    millie: “Change itself is neither good nor bad. It is what you make of it that has value. What I write is neither good or bad.”

    Wrong on both counts. What you wrote was a pile of nonsense.

    “The United States has just been devastated by four synchronized nuclear attacks in Washington, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.” Well, there’s nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so, right?

    If you reply and say, “Of course, because America’s enemies will be happy, but Americans will be sad,” I may hurl.

  14. dofaust says:

    I regard myself as a “progressive”.

    Its hard to resist the clear-headed, more articulate,
    and commonsensical comments by Jaafar….

    The comments from “detective Friday” were so abstract and idealized, that its impossible to disagree with them. However, in the long run, it does seem that the US has befitted infinitely more from Progressive thinking – when it was successfully implemented. After all, if not for progressive thinking, wouldn’t we still be an agricultural,
    slave-owning society, ruled by white male landed gentry? — Perhaps even still a monarchy? It seems that is what conservatives yearn for is times in which most people were unhappy and a relatively small class of people at court enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle? (BTW The best definition of of a conservative/Republican that I’ve heard, is that its someone who wants everyone else to live unhappily…)

    At present, the country clearly needs health care system reform, and the conservative party has led us through eight years of (many estimate) an unproductive five-trillion $+ war and a demonstrably _unperforming_ leadership that, in its final days, spent another trillion $ perhaps needlessly. This undermines their credibility regarding how much wisdom they bring to the continuing issues of the day…

  15. jaafar says:

    Well, “dofaust,” you need to define “progressive thinking” — other than using that term to kidnap everything that worked in the past. “Progressive” is a pretty well-defined term that applies only to the last century or so.

    Was the War of Independence fought by, or supported by, “progressives?” No. Of course not. There were no “progressives” in 1776, unless you want to kidnap a few. There were those in favor of freedom, independence, and democracy. (Words absent from your posting, and, I suspect, from your thinking.)

    Was the Civil War — as many now see it, the war against slavery — was that the work of “progressives?” Nope. There were no progressives back then. In fact, it was the work of a Republican named Lincoln.

    So we made it out of a slave-owning society without any help from “progressives” at all. There were, of course, some people who supported freedom, democracy, and independence at work there.

    Your idea that conservatives want everyone to be unhappy is a pure and simple lie. A LIE. If I had to point to one particular school of political thought that did in fact make everyone miserable, I would have to pick “Communism” or “Fascism” — and both of those are uncomfortably close to your “progressive thinking.” Which Americans adored Mussolini? Do you even KNOW? Which Americans liked Stalin? Well, how about Chief Progressive FDR, who won WW II and then ignominiously lost the peace, by handing half of Europe to “Comrade Joe?”

    You conclude by claiming, without foundation, that the country clearly needs “health care reform.” But, like so many progressives, you don’t care to spell out what that means. I can spell out what I mean. Just go look at http://www.radicalprescription.com, look around, and then ask yourself why all these nifty keeno “progressives” are afraid to even SAY THE WORDS “tort reform.”

  16. paul says:

    I am neither Republican or Democrat and some issues I am more Democrat and some more Republican. I believe in our constitution and I believe that Obama and his crew are sabotaging the country for the benefit of the few. I think what Bush did for National Security was great but for the economic stability of the country was poor. I don’t stand for any one ideology, just common sense. And common sense tells me very clearly that Obama, just like his Czars, are not out to support the constitution but, instead, to take over the country in a way our Founders would find criminal and would go to war against (again). I am not suggesting war but when you have one party trying to force things through the Congress, w/o reading or understanding what is in the legislation, you have a real problem. That just tells me that their mission isn’t do serve the people but to serve their own selfish needs; narcissistic some would say. This is a problem on both sides of the fence but I see what Obama is doing as exponentially growing the problem. Just look at the people he appoints. I do think he has his own vetting process and it is to bring in the radicals to help him “change” the country to the way they see fit, not the American citizen. What is good about the Czars? Don’t they just add overhead to people that already have ownership for these responsibilities? Gee, I could ramble on and on but we need to get past this approach of Republican and Democrat and start acting like Americans!!! Hate against each side is not going to make this country strong. Working together to fix the problems will.

    We have to get away from the lobbyists driving the law. The question was brought up about tort reform. So, why won’t the Democrat’s accept this. Wouldn’t it take care of some of the wasteful spending that Obama talks about? Why are we giving in to the Pharma’s? Isn’t this counter to the goal of excluding waste? Let’s get together and do this the right way instead of the political way!

  17. Dav Lev says:

    I admit to be a registered Democrat, but voted in the last 3 elections for Republican candidates (at the top level). I was for Giuliani, then voted for McCain. I could not seem to influence several friends and former classmates to vote differently, for a Republican. I watched Obama’s speeches for the college aged crowd, and understood their enthusiam for CHANGE. As a govt employee, I understood how difficult it is to in fact change anything..especially from the bottom up. I told you so. Obama is the most atrocious President this country has had in generations..he compares with J. Carter. ( I like him personally). He has flip flopped on everything..compromised even his own core beliefs. He has a majority in both houses..and cannot get anything through. Can we imagine if the House or Senate was in Republican hands? His advisers, from Rahm to Axelrod, to Biden to Reid to Pelosi, to his Sec of Education..are a bunch of socialists. They care not about your and my money, they just want it to help the poor, unaffiliated, disadvantaged. What poor, unaffilated? Are they talking about the 11m illegals who use emergency rooms..(oh yes, some are on social security, displacing real Americans). Hey guys, ther are over 20m of US unemployed and underemployed. We buy foreign cars..and trade in clunkers for Toyotas and Hondas..yet cannot fathom aiding Chrysler and GM. Oh me oh my. Regarding health care..the estimated cost of 1 trillion is understated. Like the IRS and Post Office, can we all imagine a one-payer system and it’s effects on US?
    Hey guys, the IRS does not collect over 300b year in unpaid taxes IT estimate is owed, with all it’s enforcement powers. The Post Office we all know about. Folks, Obama and his socialistic advisers care nothing about the rest of us. They see the poor on every wall..or should I say, don’t see the illegals, those who don’t want insurance, and those whose irresponsibility precludes them from paying for insurance. Please, would anyone tell me what happened to cap and trade, trade with Columbia, the adjustment to the international trade agreement, our talking and engaging with our enemies, the tax credits, the increase in taxes on the so-called rich (already taxed to the hilt). Here in California, my DMV reg fee just doubled..that’s the thank you for voting for him.

    But his do-nothingness is also endangering US. Back in Iran, they have just started another group of centrifuges (they say to enrich uranium for electricity), and made sure their text books do not have Western ideals, while Obama will read to the 8 year olds how to insure their socialistic future later in life. It’s called mind you know what..ala
    Goering. Get it!

    One thing about pharmacies Id like to add. Each drug
    costs over 500 million to develop. Many never get to the counter. Foreign countries, whose medicine admittedly costs less, utilize our research. They don’t pay a dime.

    So, lets not blast our medical system too much.

    I needed an MRI, and got it within 2 weeks, under this system. It showed Im okay. I was relieved to put it mildly. An acquaintence needed a Scan. It showed a mass, which later proved to be a tumor. There was no delay in it’s discovery or removal.

    This is also our American medical system at work.

  18. Simon says:

    Yesterday I posted a comment that seems to have garnered quite a few responses, and aside from the man who felt the need to put me down (calling me “Stuck on stupid”) to boost his long-winded diatribes, most of the other folks have made valid points.

    I agree that there is plenty of waste in government that should be reduced, but when our media (and organizations such as pro publica) expose such waste, we can agitate for change and fix the system. Can we say the same about corruption and waste that occurs in private industry? Look at companies such as AIG and Enron; by the time “Kenny Boy’s” shenanigans were uncovered, it was too late; the company collapsed and took its workers’ 401ks with it. If you think there is less waste and corruption in these huge insurance companies, I beg to differ. We just aren’t privy to it because private companies (especially large private companies with legions of lobbyists) aren’t very transparent.

    Regarding the post office, I know it’s fashionable to make fun of postal workers and their sometimes-surly attitudes, but I, for one, am amazed that a 43-cent stamp is all it takes to send a letter from L.A. across the country to New York. Go and price sending that same letter by FedEx or UPS if you need a point of comparison.

    Lastly, I’d like to state that I’m not a “socialist” or a “communist;” I’m a college-educated, property-owning person with medical insurance provided by my employer. But if we expect our capitalist, market-based system to survive, we need to have certain safety nets that provide for the poor and downtrodden and help them reach middle-class status. While I realize that social democracies like those in Europe may be tougher places to do business or to get rich, they seem to have found a way to do well while looking out for their own citizens. Why can’t we do the same?

  19. paul says:

    I agree that there is waste and corruption in the “private” company scenario but a few things come to mind:

    1. These so-called private companies are actually public companies and, as such, are under the regulation of the U.S. government. Where is the oversight by our government that we are already paying for? Let’s talk Madoff for a moment. The SEC was given plenty of opportunity to shut him down but what happened there? We pay taxes for our government to insure these things don’t occur but yet, even with a “heads-up”, in Madoff’s case, they sat around and did nothing. I think you could say that even though we have all these bureaucratic facilities, we, our government, can’t even manage what exists today. What makes you think they can manage even more? Before the government can manage a business, you need to have a business mindset, not just a political one.

    You say that these companies are private, they are not. They are supposed to be transparent, just like our government. Do you think our government is more transparent than these companies? I hope not because that is naive. In fact, government is in bed with “private” companies. Lobbyists are successful because they buy our government in the way of votes! What do they get in return? Lots of money and controlling interests in our “private” companies.

    2. Our media, what a joke that is, could expose the government waste. However, even when this happens, and it occurs much less than it should as the media is pretty one sided these days, nothing happens. What about the investigation of the “honorable” Charlie Rangle. I don’t need to go into the detail but you have a party protecting him because he is part of the party. This happens on both sides of the aisle so I am not picking on just a Democrat but one of the most recent issues since this is the same guy that has now authored a bill to deeply penalize people that make a mistake on their taxes, even if it was a legitimate mistake. Come on, as educated as you are, do you understand our tax laws (with my luck you are probably a CPA)? However, in the case of Rangle, weren’t his “mistakes” more than a misunderstanding?

    3. Let’s chat a bit about the failures of our mortgage industry. What really caused the catastrophic failure of the system? What part did the government play in forcing banks to loan money to people that couldn’t pay the bill? Wasn’t this driven by the government reform that was created to insure everyone could get a home (or maybe just so certain players could get votes)?

    4. Racism must go away! Not just against the blacks but all in our melting pot. When you have a president that incites racism, which Obama did during the Sgt. Crowley case was a ridiculous response to a case he knew nothing about (and he even admitted he didn’t have all the facts). Why in the world would the President of the U.S. even get involved in something like this? Why, because it was his friend. This is part and parcel to my case in point where the government problems have to be solved before you solve the “private” sector.

    Yes, Simon, you are correct and there is corruption in our “private” industry but tell me how much is supported by our government. Again, this is both sides as each has their “favorites” that ultimately buy them votes. I think you need to go to the source of the problem, that being our government. Until you fix the government, you are not fixing anything by having the government take over our businesses and form a more socialistic society. This is a basic troubleshooting problem of not digging down and resolving the root cause of a problem. So, rather than upending the existing health care system, why not fix the government first, get rid of the “friends” and then fix healthcare? I don’t believe there is any chance that the government has a clue how much healthcare will cost if they take it over. You mention the post office; well, aren’t they bankrupt? Great way to run a business. Yes, it is cheaper, but if that means we have to keep pumping in our tax money to keep it afloat, where are you going to draw the line? When the government is taking 50% of your income? 70%? When does mediocrity begin to concern you?

    I am very much in agreement with you that we need to provide for the poor and downtrodden to help them reach middle-class status. However, do you believe we should give the same offer to those that decide they will just take because they can and don’t want to work for the opportunity to improve their lifestyle. There is a whole lot of abuse of our taxpayer money due to support of those that don’t want to improve their lifestyle, at least by putting out the effort. The government manages these plans and I have run into people and been told that why should I work if I can get it for free. Is that where we want to take the country or do we want people to gravitate to mediocrity. The more the government gives, the more people will take and that leads to mediocrity. If you know of a way to help those that need the help, and are willing to work to improve, I am right there with you. However, if you support giving people your money or my money, just because they are “poor” I have to say I disagree. I give to charity and believe in helping those that can’t help themselves or may be just down on their luck and willing to work hard to improve their current condition. But to give just because is not the answer.

    So, fix the government and get rid of the crooks that are our leaders but do not represent the citizenry. This is the root cause and from there you can work outward to fix everything else. It isn’t going to be easy but throwing in new government run programs by a totally inept group of people is just another program doomed to failure. We are out of money and quickly running out of time. Your care about others is appreciated but please be smart in your decisions on how to approach the fixes. We can’t keep throwing good money after bad, we have to fix the problem first.

    One more important item. We have to quit beating up each other and we need to start communicating. The response of “stuck on stupid” does nothing to work through our problems, it just incites more and more hate mongering and pushes us closer to the brink of disaster. People, get off the nastiness plan and start trying to work together to solve the issues at hand. Compromise is important and can be properly implemented but “I am right and you are wrong” and the associated name calling is not going to cut it. There is zero communication going on in our government, between parties, and within our citizens. We need to come together and figure out what is going to work and quit living on the fringes of reality. The mentality of the country right now is one that is heading to civil war.

  20. Simon says:

    Well said, Paul; I agree with you on many of your points, though I’m still inclined to support a public option as long as Americans have a way to oversee it and make changes to it. I think the healthcare situation is so dire in the U.S. that I’m willing to take the chance that it won’t be perfectly-run. Think about all the money that has been wasted in Iraq and Afghanistan due to no-bid contracts, bribes, and other forms of cronyism and corruption; if we’re going to waste money, let’s waste it on a program that does Americans some good!

    Regarding the media, in my opinion the only reason journalists don’t uncover more government waste is that most Americans aren’t interested in learning about it. They’d rather listen to incendiary talk radio, watch talking heads on Fox and countless other channels, or view stupid sitcoms. News organizations like Pro Publica and public-radio stations like NPR are more informative, but unfortunately they’ll never attract as large an audience as all the other stations that provide us with mindless entertainment.

    Lastly, regarding Madoff and the mortgage crisis, I agree that the regulatory agencies have been asleep at the wheel, but I lay equal blame on the greed and shortsightedness of Americans who sucked all the equity out of their homes, didn’t read what they signed, bought way more house than they could afford, or in the case of Madoff, didn’t question how they could be getting such high returns year after year. I do agree that we need to come together as a nation, put aside all the hateful rhetoric, and figure out some real solutions, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

  21. paul says:

    Simon, you are correct about the money being wasted in so many places. Wars are not run to win, they are run to make money and this is again the government being too involved in something they definitely not experts in. These examples lead me right down the same path and that is to fix the root cause to a problem. We can keep throwing money at problems and we will keep spiraling down because we never fix the real problems.

    We now have a government that promised transparency but has been anything but transparent. Why do we need a healthcare plan that is so important but won’t be implemented after Obama’s first term is over? Why did we shove through the stimulus package that was so crucial that the monies won’t even be used up until at least the end of 2010? This is the politics that needs to go, again, the root cause issues.

    I also want to cite your blame of the “Americans who sucked all the equity out of their homes”. Going back to root cause, why do you think so many people got into trouble when houses became available to almost anyone, whether or not they had the money to support the purchase? The government allowed this. We have to fix the government and implement laws and oversight that won’t allow for the stupidity our government has given us for so many years!

    Thanks for listening…

    We absolutely need healthcare reform but it needs to be in the best interest of the people. The government getting involved in “running the business” is not the answer. It is still way too partisan. There are good points on both sides but unfortunately only one side is being considered. This happens too often, no matter who is in power but seems to be more prolific now than ever. Why can’t tort reform be included? Because the lawyers are on the do not affect them list. Again, another proof that the root causes need to be solved first.

  22. A M says:

    If only congress would remember when they vote, to vote for the people & not just for their party.

  23. paul says:

    A M, AMEN to that!

  24. Truth says:

    You screaming right wing idiots are clueless. You fight all the wrong fights. By the way — Barack is a U.S. citizen. Just as much as John McCain is a U.S. citizen.

    • Phineas Fahrquar says:

      “By the way — Barack is a U.S. citizen. Just as much as John McCain is a U.S. citizen.”

      Actually, I agree with you. Sorry if that doesn’t fit with your prejudices.

  25. Ruth says:

    One thing that has not been mentioned in this debate is the Constitution. You remember the document that Obama swore to uphold. Where in this document does it give the government the power to provide healthcare. The Constitution is what protects us from tyranny. If public provided healthcare is so important than pass a Constitutional Amendment. If they could do it for Prohibition then it should be done here.

  26. Skibo says:

    Obama I believe is set out to destroy the U.S.He is nothing but a con man with with ties to Acorn and the Communist Party!If his Birth Place is Hawaii, Then why doesnt he release all his records. You got something to hide Mr. Obama?

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