September 6, 2009

Okay, my little patch on the Web gets a few hundred hits a day. Fun, but nothing spectacular. Then in the last couple of hours, one innocuous post made late yesterday has suddenly racked up several hundred hits alone, making the WordPress stats graph for this blog look … weird:

graphThat spike is from the hits on just one post. Odd thing is, the referrers page gives no indication where these hits are coming from. Some sort of bot?  I dont know

Next, pitchforks and torches? Or tar and feathers?

September 6, 2009

This clip of a health-care protester telling her congresscritter at a town-hall meeting to “come and take it” was making the rounds on the Internet yesterday, and I have to share it. It is, indeed, a thing of beauty, and her representative probably wished he was anywhere but here:

Anyone want to bet on how long it takes for her to show up as a guest on FOX? Contra Allahpundit, my money says Hannity first.

(hat tip: Ace, and a whole lot of others)