Next, pitchforks and torches? Or tar and feathers?

This clip of a health-care protester telling her congresscritter at a town-hall meeting to “come and take it” was making the rounds on the Internet yesterday, and I have to share it. It is, indeed, a thing of beauty, and her representative probably wished he was anywhere but here:

Anyone want to bet on how long it takes for her to show up as a guest on FOX? Contra Allahpundit, my money says Hannity first.

(hat tip: Ace, and a whole lot of others)

3 Responses to Next, pitchforks and torches? Or tar and feathers?

  1. rwisher says:


    I’ll link this today. Let me say that nothing, and I mean nothing is more biting than a pi**ed off woman.
    Believe me I know, I’m married.

  2. rwisher says:


    I like tar and feathers. Not fatal, but scarring. And it is a lot of work getting blood off the tines of a pitchfork.

  3. 247things says:

    The arrogance of this Administration is breathtaking. You would think that having his head handed to him over the healthcare debate would humble our make-believe president. But now he’s going one step further and moving further down the path of indoctrinating our children. 2010 can’t come soon enough to get rid of his henchmen in the House and Senate.

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