What the world needs now

September 15, 2009

A Holocaust museum for chickens:

The museum could feature exhibits that include video footage from research conducted at Bristol University in the U.K.–research that showed how chickens are intelligent animals with mental abilities comparable to cats, dogs, and even primates. It could also feature a restaurant that would serve heart-friendly and delicious faux-chicken drumsticks and chickenless pot pie and a gift shop that could provide free plush chickens for kids, with tags reading, “I Am Not a Nugget!” The museum would feature interactive displays, including one in which visitors have weighted backpacks strapped to their backs to simulate how large chickens’ upper bodies can grow in proportion to their legs. The museum would also provide area residents with much-needed jobs.

PETA strikes again.

Links update

September 15, 2009

I’ve updated the blog links to the right to remove Little Green Footballs from the list. While I agree with many of Charles Johnson’s positions*, his sneering condescension and liberal use of guilt-by-association have gotten to be more than what I want to put up with. He did great work in the Rathergate and Fauxtography scandals, but that was years ago. His recent smear of the conservative protests in DC by showing the Birchers on their fringe was a transparent attempt to slag the whole movement. It was also the last in a long series of straws. Enough is enough. There are other good blogs and news sites on the web, listed in the sidebar, and I recommend those.

*(For the record and for example, I think Intelligent Design is a fraud and that Creationism has no place in science classrooms. Contra Charles, however, I do not think Robert Spencer is anything resembling a fascist.)

And now, the Sarah Palin bobblehead doll

September 15, 2009



I wonder if there’s a discount for ordering by the case…

(via C4P)

[War Porn] Jihadi work accident

September 15, 2009

A couple of brave, brave Afghan mujaheddin have an on-the-job whoopsie:

This is what they get for not following OSHA standards.

More seriously, note the concern on the part of the observing US forces for the child in the scene. They aren’t going to fire until he’s out of harm’s way.

Kind of blows a hole in the al-Qaeda/Leftist narrative about the behavior of our troops, doesn’t it? And what does this say about the honor and morality of jihadists? Nothing, I’m sure.

(hat tip: The Jawa Report)