Little Green Footballs goes off the cliff

Not content to see fascists, racists, creationists, and whateverelse-ists behind every bush, the denizens of Charles Johnson’s (formerly enjoyable) Little Green Footballs are now resorting to planting bait at other blogs:

Apparently CJ’s moderator Kilgore Trout went over there last night and started posting racist stuff. To see, he said, if it would be cleaned up.

It wasn’t. Because both Allah and Ed were asleep. It being the middle of the night.

“There” being Hot Air. As the great philosopher once said, “WTF??”

Maybe Charles should ban himself.


LINKS: Weasel Zippers. The Nose On Your Face has the explanation.

6 Responses to Little Green Footballs goes off the cliff

  1. What’s his f’ing problem?

  2. Robbins Mitchell says:

    Well,part of his problem is his sock puppet Stinky Beaumont

  3. […] Here, under leave of Charles and the rest – For Charles is an honorable man, So are they all, Killgore Trout, Wild Irish Rose and Shamutra all honorable lizzards – Come I to speak in McCain’s […]

  4. endotoxin says:

    All I know is that Charles is banning pretty much anyone who dares speak critical of Obama. Not sure why he is so committed to this, but his site is an empty shell now of what it used to be. A real shame.

    • Phineas Fahrquar says:

      I recently got myself banned. I’d claim it as an honor, but it’s happening so often these days it’s no longer special.

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