White House recruiting for ACORN?

Big Government continues their war on ACORN today by showing how the Federal government’s serve.gov web site is recruiting volunteers and paid canvassers for ACORN: Taxpayer Funded Serve.gov Filtering Activists to ACORN

The Obama Administration has placed a large premium on what it calls “national service.” It has launched a website, www.Serve.gov, that is reported to act as a clearing house for Americans eager to “give back” to their communities. Unfortunately, Americans looking for an opportunity to volunteer may get something they weren’t expecting.


So after they assist you in procuring housing for your brothel of underage girls, ACORN can also assist you in skirting your taxes, in keeping with the law of probability.

Big Government’s Dana Loesch also points out that serve.gov is supervised by the Corporation for National and Community Service, which is deeply implicated in the simmering Inspectors-General scandals.

Given ACORN’s history of thuggery-for-hire, electoral corruption, and now suborning teen prostitution,  and bearing in mind the President’s close ties to the group, perhaps the White House should rethink which “opportunities” it promotes to eager volunteers.

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