Death panels in Ontario?

October 5, 2009

As in, the Canadian province:

Choosing health

Opponents of U.S. President Barack Obama’s proposed health care reforms have just been handed a powerful talking point by Ontario’s government.

Democrats cobbling together the U.S. plan want to include a “public option” — a taxpayer-funded health-care alternative that would enable Americans to choose between private medical insurance plans or a government-backed system similar to Canada’s. Opponents of the public option maintain that Canadian-style health care would entail rationing, caps on care, bureaucratic interference in medical decision-making and even “death panels” deciding when the ill become too expensive to save.

Most Canadians believe this is a gross exaggeration of reality. But then how to characterize Ontario’s decision to cut off funding for colorectal cancer patients taking a life-prolonging drug, in order to save $9-million a year?

Say it after me: the only way government can control medical costs in a system that covers everyone is by rationing care.

Looks like she was right, again.

Shouldn’t the President be raging at Medicare?

October 5, 2009

They are, after all, the biggest denier of health-insurance claims in the country.

And yet this is one of his models for the proposed public option….

Perhaps, if your Center is well to the Left

October 5, 2009

Sarah Palin is Far Right?

No. Rather, I think she’s just right.

For President Obama, a lesson in tax policy

October 5, 2009

Three videos from the Center for Freedom and Prosperity on the Laffer Curve and why increasing taxes beyond a certain point leads to diminishing returns:

Part 1

Part 2

…and Part 3

Given our experiences with high taxes contributing to deepening the Great Depression on the one hand, and the tax cuts under Harding, Coolidge, Kennedy, Reagan, and Bush the Younger contributing to strong recovery and growth, one would think the argument over best practices would be settled. Unfortunately, it appears that the President, shockingly ignorant of History, needs to do some studying.