Death panels in Ontario?

As in, the Canadian province:

Choosing health

Opponents of U.S. President Barack Obama’s proposed health care reforms have just been handed a powerful talking point by Ontario’s government.

Democrats cobbling together the U.S. plan want to include a “public option” — a taxpayer-funded health-care alternative that would enable Americans to choose between private medical insurance plans or a government-backed system similar to Canada’s. Opponents of the public option maintain that Canadian-style health care would entail rationing, caps on care, bureaucratic interference in medical decision-making and even “death panels” deciding when the ill become too expensive to save.

Most Canadians believe this is a gross exaggeration of reality. But then how to characterize Ontario’s decision to cut off funding for colorectal cancer patients taking a life-prolonging drug, in order to save $9-million a year?

Say it after me: the only way government can control medical costs in a system that covers everyone is by rationing care.

Looks like she was right, again.

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