Keep America Safe

That’s the name of a new foundation headed by Liz Cheney, Debra Burlingame, and Bill Kristol. The focus is on national security, and, from what I’ve seen, I approve. An excerpt from their mission statement:

The United States remains a nation at war.  We face a growing threat from rogue regimes that seek or have already obtained nuclear weapons. America’s interests are challenged by an authoritarian China, a resurgent Russia, and dictators in our own hemisphere who ally themselves with our adversaries. Amidst the great challenges to America’s security and prosperity, the current administration too often seems uncertain, wishful, irresolute, and unwilling to stand up for America, our allies and our interests.

Since 9/11, the United States Government, through our armed forces and our intelligence and law enforcement professionals, has succeeded in preventing any further attacks on the American homeland. This is a major achievement. By turning away from the policies that have kept us safe, by treating terrorism as a law enforcement matter, giving foreign terrorists the same rights as American citizens, launching investigations of CIA agents, cutting defense spending, breaking faith with our allies and attempting to appease our adversaries, the current administration is weakening the nation, and making it more difficult for us to defend our security and our interests.

And their first web ad:

I also recommend the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

One Response to Keep America Safe

  1. Raymond Bellah says:

    Are there any members that were not a part of or supporters of the past criminal administration?

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