Home-grown jihadis, made in the USA

It’s not just foreign jihadis trying to attack America. No, lunatics born and bred here are taking up the sword of Islam to wage war against the West. The Long War Journal reviews recent developments:

In recent months, the US has experienced an alarming rise in jihadist activity. In the last two months alone, five terror plots have been foiled by the FBI, and there have been dozens of other arrests for various related crimes, such as providing material support for terrorists. The plots have been directed at targets at home and abroad, both civilian and military. The arrests clearly demonstrate the potential for al Qaeda and other extremist groups to recruit and carry out attacks in the US.

The extent of influence by al Qaeda and allied groups is evident in their ability to convince potential terrorists in other countries to come to the US with the intention of carrying out attacks; it is also shown by the capacity of these groups to indoctrinate US citizens and nationals. The case of Najibullah Zazi, the Afghan national accused of plotting attacks in the US, stands out in what has been described as the biggest plot against America since 9/11. Listed below are the incidents that have occurred so far in 2009.

Be sure to read the linked article to get the whole depressing picture.

They’re still trying to kill us.

2 Responses to Home-grown jihadis, made in the USA

  1. archer52 says:

    I just retired from the job. We’ve been aware of the constant attacks and attempted attacks inside the USA. Many were denied by the feds as what they were. Better to lie and keep the people unaware than admit we were still under attack and have the people demand we do something about it.

    It is now getting bolder because the bad guys learned from Vietnam and past liberal presidents. They know a weak sucker when they see him.

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