And speaking of Big Tents

Who says Republicans are just a bunch of crazed Christian conservatives? We have room for crazed pagan conservatives, too!

Republican Dan Halloran … won the race New York City Council in Queens yesterday, despite a bunch of last minute articles focused on the fact that he practices Theodism, which involves Norse gods like Odin and Freyr. Says Halloran:

It is our hope to reconstruct the pre-Christian religion of the Germanic branch of the Indo-European peoples, within a cultural framework and community environment.

Score one for tolerance. Sure, it’s just the city council. And sure, it’s New York. But this guy is a full-on Pagan, for Odin’s sake, and he just got elected to a pretty important public office. As a Republican.

For more, read the rest, including a picture of the grateful winner.

Being from California, we at Public Secrets Secret HQ are more sympathetic to Dionysiac cults. All that wine, dontcha know….

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