Islam and the threat to free speech

November 8, 2009

The jihad against the West isn’t just on the battlefields of Afghanistan, Iraq, or Ft. Hood, but it’s also an assault on the values Western Civilization holds dear, free speech chief among them. Britain’s Pat Condell looks at Islamic efforts to restrict free speech in international law and sends a warning to America from Europe:

I don’t agree with Pat’s atheism (being a devout apatheist, myself) and his hostility toward all religion, but I’m one-hundred percent down with his views on Islam, the rank hypocrisy and sanctimony of the members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference,  and the threat posed by the cultural jihad and the spread of sharia law.

RELATED: An article that discusses the global blasphemy law the OIC is pushing for. While Secretary of State Clinton has come out in opposition to it, her boss has directed that the United States co-sponsor the resolution in the Human Rights Council. I’ve written before about my concerns regarding President Obama’s commitment to free speech. Eugene Volokh analyzes the measure for the Huffington Post.