The Ft. Hood jihadi explains Islam

The Washington Post has put up the Powerpoint presentation Major Nidal Hasan made to professors and students as part of his training at Walter Reed. The topic he chose was Islam, Muslims, and their relation to the US military.

hasan presentation

In it, he shows a good understanding of orthodox Islam and of the conflict devout Muslims may feel when asked to fight against other members of the Ummah, the worldwide Islamic community. Note his mention of the doctrine of abrogation and the progression of Islam from peacefulness through defensive jihad to offensive jihad. This is not a man who suddenly cracked and went berserk. Instead, he planned ahead of time what to do and knew exactly why he was doing it. This was not “pre-traumatic stress disorder” or “post-traumatic stress disorder caught from others.”

He chose to wage jihad against the United States because he believed it to be his religious duty, and his presentation -replete with citations from the Qur’an and the Hadiths- laid out the case for it. As Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch writes of Hasan’s understanding of Islam:

Islamic spokesmen in the U.S., if anyone asks them to comment on this at all, will dismiss it as an “extremist” interpretation of Islam and claim that no Muslims in the U.S., not one, believe in this understanding of Islam. But I guarantee you that none of the, not one, will offer a specific alternative explanation of the verses he cites, or of his doctrine of jihad, or of his understanding of Islam.

One wonders if this is what his imam in Virginia taught him. No, actually, one doesn’t.

I ask again: Why in God’s name was this man still in the Army? We are at war with people who believe in exactly the same things as Nidal Malik Hasan. Would they have let a devotee of Italian Fascism remain on staff in 1942? I’m not saying we should expel all Muslims from the military or place them all under surveillance, but until we honestly face the reality of the doctrines of Islamic supremacism and jihad (and Jew-hatred, and misogyny, and totalitarian collectivism) , we run the risk of another “Ft. Hood massacre” – or worse.

How many more have to die in the name of political correctness?

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  1. Bob says:

    “How many more have to die in the name of political correctness?”
    Good question! Personally, my bet is anywhere from 100,000 to about 5,000,000 or so, with those deaths most likely to occur due to an Islamist nuclear bomb (most likely from Iran or Pakistan) being surreptitiously placed and detonated in/near a major western-world city. Think of maybe Tel Aviv, Haifa, London, New York, Houston, Paris, Hong Kong, Rome, etc, obliterated by an Islamic bomb, after which most of the Islamic world then dances in the streets for joy. This just might (might, no guarantees!) cause we westerners to decide to take our mortal enemies seriously. Now, I admit that I may be underestimating the number of innocent victims required to result in this change of heart. It actually might take MORE THAN ONE such nuclear attack by the Islamists (especially if their first target is Israel, for which most UN-member countries have little love) for the western world to truly wake up and recognize that political correctness is not such a good idea after all. That’s my prediction and I sure do hope I’m wrong. What’s your best guess?

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