Climategate’s Perry Mason moment

Quote of the day, from Steve Milloy:

First, by admitting that we “are nowhere close” to understanding atmospheric energy flows, the much-vaunted Trenberth has trashed all the climate models on which the gloom-and-doom IPCC forecasts are based. If energy flows in the climate system cannot be accounted for, then they cannot be modeled — and there can be no basis upon which to make predictions of future temperatures.

That’s case closed, right there. But there’s more.

To find out what else there is, and why this is a “Perry Mason moment,” read the whole thing.

After these last few revelations (and you can bet there’s more to come), the “science” of Anthropogenic Global Warming has about as much credibility as a game of three-card monte.

TRANSPARENCY: Don’t take my word (or anyone else’s) for it – search the emails in question for yourself.

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