Quote of the day

December 18, 2009

Roger L. Simon on the revelation he had about the whole Anthropogenic Global Warming cult while attending the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen:

I was trying to figure out what it was about the conference that so perplexed and disturbed. And then, before the Caudillo [Hugo Chavez] had concluded his tedious remarks and long before the “meaningful deal” between the world leaders was announced, I realized what it was. We had returned to the Middle Ages.

A high tech Middle Ages, of course, but still the Middle Ages. Forget the Renaissance, forget the Enlightenment, forget Spinoza, Locke, Galileo and everybody else, we had returned to our roots as gullible and idiotic human beings, as willing to believe in the primacy of anthropogenic global warming as we would in the sighting of the Madonna at a river crossing twelve kilometers south of Sienna in 1340.


Jack Webb vs. Barack Obama, round two

December 18, 2009

This time, Webb and Morgan lecture the President on democracy:

But will he ever learn?

Happy anniversary, Charles!

December 18, 2009

Charles Krauthammer is one of my favorite writers: sharp, incisive thinking with an intellectual clarity that does not suffer foolishness – and is quite happy to point out who the fools are. I’ve long wished there were some way to get him into the US Senate in place of any of the many careerist mediocrities warming the seats there, these days.

Today, Charles tells us that this is his 25th anniversary as a columnist. In his honor, The Weekly Standard has put together a recommended list of articles he’s written for them. A “Best of Krauthammer,” as it were. Go and have a look; it will be well-worth your time.

My favorite? It’s hard to say, but one I turn to again and again when discussing the Jihadi War* is The Truth About Torture.

*(My name for the current conflict with radicalized Muslims. I think it’s more accurate and honest than “War on Terror.”)