I’ll have the specialty of the gulag, please

We in Los Angeles are lucky to have restaurants serving fine cuisines from around the world, from as familiar as Mexican and Middle-Eastern to as exotic as Tibetan. But if you hanker for real North Korean home-cooking, you’ll have to go to Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh. You’ll be treated to the Dear Leader Dinner Show, but don’t try to take any pictures:

Thank you, thank you! We'll be here all weekend!

“A flat-screen TV on the stage showed a contiuous video of The Wonderful World of North Korea. The film consisted mainly of nature shots. But my favorite scenes showed traffic in North Korea: in one scene, you saw a train travelling the countryside, in another you saw city streets that were absolutely deserted – except for a lone bus. Both the train and the bus looked like ca 1950. Almost like the kind of miniature trains and vehicles you sometimes find on nostalgic kiddie karoussels. Unfortunately, we can safely assume that that train and that bus in the video must be cutting-edge technology and design in North Korea.”

Do read the rest. It sounds positively surreal.

I wonder what happens if you complain about the service? Nailbiting

(via Exurban League)


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