If this story is true

Then our President is not just a callow narcissist, he’s also very strange:

According to rumors in the Bella Center, US President Barack Obama at about 11 PM, had impatiently asked to speak with Wen Jiabao in order to advance the discussion. But Obama had to wait. Wen, who, it was rumored, had rarely left his hotel room, could not be found. Finally, the US delegation located him in a room set aside for negotiations. A visibly furious Obama, according to reports, stormed into the room. “Are you now ready to talk with me, Premier Wen?” he was reported to have shouted. “Are you now ready? Premier Wen, are you now ready to talk with me?” What a scene for a US president.

Wen was not alone in the room at the time when Obama quite literally burst into the room, according to participants. At the time, the Premier was in a conversation with India’s head of state, Mammohan Singh and South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma. Suddenly the group saw itself forced into a conversation with the US president.

Go and read it all, and be prepared to shake your head. The original article is from a major German magazine. If it were the only source, I’d write it off as gossip-mongering. But, as Richard Fernandez points out, there are reports in other periodicals telling the same story.

So, what’s going on here? Is Barack Obama in that much over his head that his famous “cool” is cracking, or does he think he can translate Chicago-style politics to the international stage? Either way, given the parlous state of the economy, American and world, and the problems posed by international enemies (such as Iran and North Korea) and geopolitical competitors such as Russia and, yes, China, this kind of story should have us all worried. Even if not true, it weakens the United States because it weakens the reputation of the man in charge.

And, imagine: What if it had been George Bush? You sure wouldn’t have to go to a European magazine to find out about it then.

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